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  • mr_cyclops2003 mr_cyclops2003 Nov 16, 2004 8:29 PM Flag

    Nightmare!!! on Wall st

    Bzzzzzz�. Yes Miss Moneypenny, sir team Australia are here for the 10 O�clock meeting�show the gentlemen in.
    Now gentlemen let me be the first to congratulate you on the success of your technology
    and DoD�s wish that it be taken up immediately. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what the fu.. is that!�.. ohhh its just the cone of silence now huddle around and listen up, its down to business I have to inform you that I now represent a consortium of defence contractors that have appointed me there spokes person. We feel your licensing terms and costs you propose are much to high and wouldn�t be fair value for our share holders. Let me give you our counter offer, rebadging its called, that is we make a small technical change, patent it and call it "BALLS" (Ballistic Aligned Lead Lightning System) while we wont have the double tap we will have the "poofter shot", that is the second one is that far up the arse of the first �.it will be devastating! we have the best patent lawyers and deepest pockets around to drag your legal challenge on for years & years while we happily manufacture our "BALLS" & making $quillions, the share value of your small cap Co is totally eroded and you go belly up trying to defend your IP in the courts. ORRRRRRRRRR you accept our .05c per 100 million rounds fired and 1c per 100 weapons sold with your tech��I mean with a little creative management of your finances � know, reduced dividends for the holders��. Increased directors fee�s, You all could be quite comfortable in about 2050 !
    Now! Now! gentlemen please!! your steaming up the cone of silence��������..

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