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  • stockwizardus stockwizardus May 4, 2005 12:30 PM Flag

    No problem for MST at all...


    DREAD is no threat to MTSX at all, in my opinion. The fastest rate of fire I saw was 120,000 rounds per second, HMMMMMMM! Metal storm's system can fire 1,000,000 rounds per second. Let's see, if I'm in the military and I have the choice of being on the side of a weapon that fires 120,000 rounds per second vs. 1,000,000 round per second, I think I'll chose being on the side that can fire 1,000,000 rounds per second. That's just one type of firing system. Take that and times it by however many devices you want and the opposing side would have to have 8 times the number of firing vehicles to equal one of metal storms. Go sell your opinion to the short sellers because they need all of your help they can get, they can't get it to stay under $2.00. Dread, what a laugh, the only thing I dread, is hearing your stupid opinion on opposing systems. Metal Storm is the future of warfare, period.

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    • You got it all wrong. Ionatron's LIPC is the real deal.

    • The producer of the TV show "Mail Call" is working on a show demonstrating the firing of the current Metal Storm weapons.

    • That's not a very helpful analysis. I'm excited about the MTSX technology also but 1,000,000 rpm is a theoretical figure only. No one is ever going to be drving around with or carrying weapons that fire at that rate. One million rounds of plain old HANDGUN ammo would weight about 10 TONS! Only time that would be useful is for close range missle defense or something as a last ditch effort to shoot something down at close range, and that would only be for a fraction of second likely.

      Also, if each projectile is say, two inches long, do you have any idea how much barrel lenghth would be required to have them loaded and ready to fire in a Metalstorm gun?

      Answer: 166,667 feet (approximately). So let's say there is some gun made with 32 barrels. Then each barrel would need to be at least 5,208 feet long or almost a mile. I don't know what 32 mile long barrels would weigh, but I'll bet there's nothing capable of moving it. Then, how do you reload it after one minute of firing? HA HA HA HA

      One million rounds per minute has no practical value, it's just an interesting side note.

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      • The 1million rate of fire is only meant as an assessment of its ability. There's very little chance that its ever going to fire 5 million rounds in 5 minute in battle. The cannon guns on F16s is over 1000 rounds a minute but the pilots are trained to only use 2 second bursts otherwise they'd be out of ammo in a few minutes. The MST massive rate of fire however enables it to throw up a massive amount of ordnance which can stop dead planes or missiles.

        Then you also have its electronic capabilities which allows it to have NO MOVING PARTS- less stuff to break down or jam. Thus making it ideal for the next generation of military robots.