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  • loner_with_a_boner655 loner_with_a_boner655 Oct 13, 2005 6:23 PM Flag


    First let me say that I am long.......bought this as an investment....not to trade.........don't claim to be an expert on stocks, but I see people posting that news will be on such and such date.....I don't care if people say the news or tech is TOP SECRET, the fact is, people talk, hence, news will be on such and such to my question......wouldn't you think that if such good news were coming, people would know and we would see an increase in volume?? and maybe some insider buying???....not gonna change my position as i think some of the bashers on here are assholes and I believe in the tech of the company.....however there are a couple on here that I value their opinions.....Thanks and no smartass answers please

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    • seem to spend a lot of time laughing at your own jokes(LMFAO)....not a good sign my boy.Better start climbing up that food chain like i've suggested.....don't want to get caught bottom feeding, do we? CAP Raising...what problem........the company's sitting in the best position they've ever been in......cap raising or not! Savlon Cream mate.......great for burnt fingers! Go to your local drug's cheap (like you)!

    • Yes, spunky the investment genius, LMFAO.

    • Tell ya what go properly sign over 17,000 shares and mail and we have a deal.

    • Shorts if you can get it down to about 3.00 i would appreicate it i want to double my stakes there!

    • Ill try and make this short.

      In feb 2005 he stated his intension to sell 1/2 his shares. l

      The 20-f released just recently says before january** a shorter timeframe*, the latest pdf reminded us of his intentins to sell within the 12 months alloted. They would not have brought that up if he didnt have intention to sell.

      He has not sold any shares recently or you would have seen it on the top shareholders update. As a note they have increased their holdings***

      From what I understand he will be selling them OFF MARKET, yes he could change his mind but there are many indications that point to MOD already having a buyer in mind*. Recent board additions reaffirm my predictions. I also have feelings Foster-miller may have something to do with it due to recent DD.

      I will tell you that he sells to a foster miller, boeing or lockheed General Dinamics etc nomatter what he sells at althought; i can almost garentee you it would be higher than its current price. The stock's value should probably start selling for close to 20 mtsx as any speculation would be taken out of the picture and that company would have a stake in bringing about MS tech. If as I presuem he sells for more than going price no doubt it will be for over 1$ mst and possiably as high as 3 from what I would imagine.

      I fully suspect the deal is in the final stages of completion as we speek. So the shorts can drive it as low as they want.

      Lastly with your background I think of anyone you could list about 100 reasons that selling on open market would be the dumbest thing under the sun and that it would never take place .

      I wish I could buy more right now I fully expect my current assets to double, triple or more. within the next 2 months.

      Not to mention if MOD sells we will be getting attention on the street!

      This stock will be VERY intresting over the next 6 months we could see very big changes.

      There are about 5 to 8 items on the table that could very well whipe all the shorts out in less than a day.

      The next move in this company will be swift IMO i the place reserved where i want to be when it does i recomend every one get where they want to etc.

    • So now I read that MOD has made the sale of his shares "conditional on some eventuality?" This is quite different than an unequivocal intention to sell within twelve months. That was his "present intention" [his words] back in January, right? Ten months later, is this still his present intention? All of this misdirection bothers me a great deal.

    • Listen guys, don't get your panties all in a twist. If MOD didn't say "open market," someone did; I know that I read it somewhere. In any case, MOD hasn't sold his shares and he has had more than ten months (and, arguably, at least one significant opportunity) to do so. What's he waiting for? Is he getting inside information that we're not? Probably, but that's another matter. The point is, until MOD sells his shares, they will continue to be a major overhang on MST's stock price. Further, he is not bound by any agreement to sell his shares off-market. He could change his mind tomorrow. I just want to know what he's up to is all.

    • <I wonder who is selling thousands upon thousands of shares through the Cincinnati stock exchange almost every day? I figured it was MOD.>

      Could you tell us how you figurered this out all by yourself?

      I see that top 20 have not changed in some time and there is slight move up in insiders holding. So where you got your info? Is it from wild beast? Nah you must have got it from the nez the con game artist.

      Are you the same guy who last year was bitching that mom was selling? Look, mom still holds all those shares.

    • I didn't say anything about a connection with ADWS grumpy.
      I'm simply interested in some of the statements within that document which would fit well with the Smith model of where METAL STORM fits.

    • Sorry Chopped,

      Network Centric Warfare has very little to do with area denial weapon system. The sensor and operator fusion for area denial already exists - integration into Ninnox, for example, would be relatively easy to accomplish right now.

      Don't confuse a whole of battle space paradigm with a specific system capability.

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