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  • moosefromoz moosefromoz May 12, 2011 5:48 AM Flag

    very strong trend that is being driven by strong forces and insiders

    here is the latest on MTSXY from

    Bashers are paid by these same people who are driving this down,a very strong trend that is being driven by strong forces and insiders, add bashers to that!

    Strong Downtrend Up Arrow
    Smart Scan Chart Analysis continues negative longer term. Look for this market to remain weak. Strong Downtrend with money management stops. A triangle indicates the presence of a very strong trend that is being driven by strong forces and insiders.

    Based on a pre-defined weighted trend formula for chart analysis, MTSXY scored -90 on a scale from -100 (strong downtrend) to +100 (strong uptrend):

    +10 Last Hour Close Above 5 Hour Moving Average
    -15 New 3 Day Low on Tuesday
    -20 Last Price Below 20 Day Moving Average
    -25 New 3 Week Low, Week Ending May 7th
    -30 New 3 Month Low in May
    -90 Total Score

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    • I accept your apology.

    • My apologies, the footage was taken at Wide Bay Military Range, at Tin Can Bay in Oz , sorry for the confusion

    • The footage in the Video in the link was taken at Blossom Point Maryland USA in 2003, how do I know that? because I gave the footage to the person who posted the Utube link.

    • Glad to see you read what I write, that shows good taste. As for backing up what I say, I can’t tell someone when this company is going to turn around or when to buy. Once more you show only a third party conversation and place your theory of a conspiracy. A secret international cover-up on Metal Storm, wrapped in the highest echelon covert deception, and waste no time in calling anyone who does not agree with you a fool. Occam’s Razor applies to what you have shown me. You are a modern day Don Quixote sir, and obviously I’m not alone in my opinion. One: you haven’t backed up anything except that you learned how to copy and paste. Two: you have not answered the question asked. All you did is show a link and try to attack me. Three: that ignore button is on the right.

    • And before anyone says the interview in my last post is years old now, well yes it is but the some of the technology they talk about is still proceeding and I believe mach 5/50 is one of them, it is far cheaper than the rail gun , more reliable , lighter, more maneuverable, and it is ready now!

    • Mott, you need to read this link, mach 5/50 affects not just one platform, it affects a number of them,from pistols to Artillery and Weapons mounted on Light Tanks even! Read the interview on the link below!

      The third question that we're asking is, "Can you give us a substitute for gun powder and munitions? Can you give us something at ***small-projectile hyper velocity*** with the same penetration and killing power that we get out of kinetic energy now?" Put those three things together--new armaments, new propulsion, new metals--and you have a tank with speed, shock, firepower, and psychological effect--""""and it doesn't weigh as much as it does now""""". That's what we're after in the objective force.

      What he is saying there is that they have a weapon that is of small caliber (compared to Tank rounds)that has the same penetration and killing power (KE)and that comes from hyper velocity, this program is I believe mach 5/50 and is of national importance and hence has been seconded by the US under the HSA.
      NB and so is what the US refer to as HYPERBURST,it is mach 5/50 tech it is a Cartridge that has three projectiles in it, one of them becomes sacrificial, but the other two travel at very high velocities, this enables two projectiles to enter the same entry hole, which is a requirement that the US want!
      Read this PDF about eminent domain and how the US can take IP at will under the HSA act for national security reasons!

      I don't really care if there are those out there that don't believe me? you can lead a horse or to water, sometimes even a PIG but you can't make em drink.

      Remember this, there are none so blind than those that refuse to see!

      wgr even I can write motherhood statements, but I post links to back mine up LOL

    • Nice video, never seen that one before (really)... Buts that's Australia, no place in Virginia looks like that. Mott good question.

    • I respect your opine, but why would the US Defense Dept happily pay billions to other defense contractors, but steal the tech from Metalstorm? That assertion takes you in a direction that cannot be supported by any facts that I'm aware of, and clearly investors do not buy it.

    • Anyone interested in seeing a visual demo of mach 5/50 in action at the rate of 240,000 rounds per min, then go to this link-:

      This is what the US has paid the DSTO to develop for them, it has been fully tested to 60mm at a (MINIMUM) velocity of 1600 meters per second, yes that is meters not feet!

      the mach 5/50 program is now hidden but it is sitting at this level now in my opinion-:Transition hardware and data packages to DoD laboratories for Service-specific engineering and platform integration.

      read the last bit-: PLATFORM INTERGRATION.

      Now this is metalstorms IP so we should be compensated for it if the US has taken the IP OR we should be paid royalties for the use of the IP, it is ONE or the OTHER?

    • This is what happened to mach 5/50 IP

      Innovation and Intellectual Property Issues in Homeland ... - IP Mall
      File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
      Innovation and Intellectual Property Issues in Homeland Security. Summary. The U.S. government and private firms alike seek high technology solutions to ...

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