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  • shooterf28 shooterf28 Feb 1, 2014 7:34 PM Flag

    PHOT Entry Point

    I've had my eye on PHOT for a couple of weeks now since it was around .18-.19. Kicking myself for not jumping in then. Put a buy order in for .28 on Friday and it gapped up on the opening. Very frustrating seeing it go to .31. My dilemma is should I jump in at the opening Monday, or is a pullback coming? Would love to hear some thoughts.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • IMO the super bowl and associated news comments will create some interest. Minor in some respects but an awareness that may bump up desire to own shares. Be careful however as I also believe that as we get closer to the proposed dilution on the 7th there will likely be a pull back. May be a smarter entry point if you are not going to trade between now and then.

    • Concur with .29. I've got my order in because I believe it will creep to .40 over the next couple of weeks. I'm already in at .10 but I think this is going to continue to grow.

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    • .29 should fill. near daily news, industry or company, and seeking alphia articles should keep the stock in play. Phot has a shot at big time move, however the trip is certain to be ruff.

    • wait until it is traiding betwenn 1 and 3 cents for couple of monthy IN a couple of months when the trading vol is back to 100k and no one cares about the stock!

    • for goodness sake, sir or madam, jump in right now and hold on to your hat--we're going to fly.
      If you don't you're going to feel like kicking yourself again in 6 months...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • A lot of great advice noted here. Most of all everyone seems to have long/bullish sentiment for PHOT. I've been pondering waiting to see how the vote plays out. But I also don't want to miss out on boarding the rocket before the launch, if the outcome is favorable to light this thing off. I'm leaning towards "dipping a toe in" as rOb50 suggested to at least have a small entry and then larger position in the coming weeks. What other cannabis stocks have been "kind" to your portfolios (pun intended). :)

    • maybe start a position with half your funds, then see what happens after the 7th....or avg down if it drops a lil before then

    • I get a thumbs down for asking an honest question about PHOT on the PHOT board? Yeah that makes sense. Just curious what other investors in PHOT think will happen in the short term. I believe PHOT has huge potential. That's why I'm here.

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      • I would suggest dipping the toe in now and letting the rest ride on how things shake out over the next week. It mostly depends on the reaction to the vote, and then the manipulation games as well.

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      • Go to Investershub. Much better message board.

      • I sort of feel like the initial madness at the beginning of the year has subsided....40-50% swings are now 5-15% swings...seems like pullbacks like the one to .18 you mentioned are quickly bought up.

        since that .18 bottom we've had several somewhat orderly sessions that resulted in a steady climb....PHOT seems to be one of the lesser sketchy of the marijuana stocks..

        the two things I'll be watching closest:
        - Washington to start selling in May or June (maybe July) - I imagine more long lines and tons of news coverage similar to Denver
        - visibility on what states will have ballot initiatives this Fall and polling on their chances of passing - they may be long shots but California and Florida are still not out of the realm of possibility for 2014....excerpt from article yesterday:
        Today, California Attorney General Kamala Harris released her summary of the final version of the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act (MCLR). The first of its kind grassroots, open source, community-based document is now approved and cleared for signature gathering. MCLR can now attempt to qualify for the November 2014 California ballot.

        a year from now I'd guess we are higher than .31 cents but in between may be a bumpy short term I feel like some more momentum is left before pullback, we made it to .47 not long ago, I'd think we can get back to .4 at least before choppiness sets in....

        ....those are my scattered thoughts about PHOT, GL