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  • grey_moose2 grey_moose2 Feb 9, 2006 9:12 AM Flag

    BBY and RIMM - short squeeze du jour

    Both up sharply -- bby on raising its Q4 guidance and rimm on its "official" announcement of its software workaround.

    On the lighter side of things, RICK announced same-store sales rose 27.7%. For those of you who don't know RICK - Rick's Cabaret - they run live adult entertainment establishments around the country and other high-class web sites such as and :-). Just kind of gave me a chuckle to see that headline pass by...

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    • We traveled the whole island and stayed at the Marriot in Lihue. Id recommend taking a helicopter ride into the canyon but also to see the Napali coast. You can only get there by copter of boat and its spectacular. They take you to the backside of the main crater where water starts falling near the top.

      If you got kids with you Id consider a kayak ride up the river. Its a smooth paddle and looked like fun. The whales are migrating might want to take a whale ride.

      We also looked at doing the zipline ride but it was too cool temp wise.

    • we're about .65 -.60 from where i want to start buying CHK. This natural gas situation is long, long from over.

      also, i don't really believe this oil at capacity situation at all. there was something i was reading the other night, i wish i could find it for you guys, where the guy writing was talking about how the government figures were saying the situation was improving....but, isn't there always a but, he was on the ground and that was not what he saw. in fact, the very evening before at one of the storage facilities in the south (this is counted for the numbers) had had an alarm ring on one of the biggest tanks or whatever you call those was almost dry and over the next two days, the guy's team was focused on preventing a collapse of the interior walling. and they were living in terror that it would also be a problem in several other tanks in the field, or whatever you call that....the acres of those big storage things.

      if i can find that article/blog, i'll post it here.

    • Puttsaround I will add them to my watch. In Kauai I liked the cayon made for a good early day. On this trip I did debate about going to the princeville but I am going with my wife and two kids so I thouht It might be to much travel. 12 hours from detroit. Last time I stayed at the Grand Hyatt.

    • Great minds think alike, I bought some ECA today. Also got some COP calls. Sentiment seems rotten right now in energy and many of these stocks are at support levels, I think its time to buy.

    • eg....Im not playing VLO with options so Im not worried about timing. Looking at the TA side its approaching the 200mda, which has always been support. ECA just violated 10% rule below the 200mda so Im buying a bit on Monday.

      Some would say your catching a falling knife but not if your convinced the sector is in a bull market. Former high for ECA was $60. If you can buy at $40 a 50% gain is simply to reach the former high.

    • We liked Maui too, spent 5 days there before heading to Kauai. A bit more developed than Kauai is.

      I dont follow COP all that much. My favorite behind VLO is MRO. A good midwestern based refiner of about 1 million barrels a day.

    • Im going to trigger based on the 200mda. A few have reached the negative 10% level, which should be a screaming buy.

    • goldman is now 57K contracts out on a short in Tokyo, and the deficit is exploding.

      no wonder the downgrades are accumulating.....we could see some horrific derivative explosions here shortly. there gotta be some heart attacks in the making on trading floors across wall street.

    • Thanks putts. I have no choice but to hold. I have until March expiration. I should get some, hopefully all of my money back by then.

    • Hey putts kauai, Nice island I went a few years back. I will be in maui in a week. Goodluck.

      Hey any thoughts on COP ?

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