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  • passolidda passolidda Mar 31, 2011 2:45 PM Flag


    There have been some previous posts on this board relating to sapphire substrates, but
    I don’t believe the market has yet factored-in that SOLR is emerging as a prominent provider
    of large scale sapphire boule pulling equipment. This will be the next BIG thrust for the LED
    market. Currently 2” wafers are in short supply... The LED industry needs much larger wafers
    - yielding big cost reductions for the LED suppliers.
    Solr is getting hammered today because they are lumped in with the negative press given
    the solar module manufacturers...
    Need good LED press to drive this stock. I believe the Hi-end LED market will develop fast
    as soon as prices come down.

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    • Pass you got a good point about the LED sector and GT Solar. Veeco Instruments Inc. on jan 5, 2011 announced that Thomas Gutierrez has been appointed to its Board of Directors. It is very interesting as they both are in the LED segment, their technologies are very complimentary.

      About Tom selling a good portion of his solr shares (all that buzz about insider trading..geez)...of course a CEO will sell stake in his company before it becomes part of the other company in which he is on the board. He knows how to value it and appartantly the story not very well known. The link to this announcement is no longer available on yahoo finance. I strongly beleive Veeco will buy GT Solar. JMO

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      • "I strongly beleive Veeco will buy GT Solar. JMO"

        I'm with you on this one!! I also think GT Solar is gone by the middle of this year. Cannot let the price go up before the sale and pay more premium. JMO!!

      • I just became aware of solr and bought some tuesday... already loosing $$$.

        all4: Thanks for your input. I went back to some old posts
        on this board and the the SEC report: On December 17, 2010,
        Veeco’s Board of Directors voted to:
        increase the size of the Board from seven to eight directors
        and to appoint Thomas Gutierrez as a Class II director, to hold
        office until the 2011 Annual Meeting of Stockholders.
        The Board determined that Mr. Gutierrez is “independent” under
        applicable SEC and Nasdaq rules. In connection with his
        appointment to the Board, Mr. Gutierrez was granted
        2,495 restricted shares of Veeco common stock, consistent
        with Veeco’s director compensation policy. The restrictions
        on these shares will lapse on the earlier to occur of:
        (i) the date immediately preceding the date of the Company’s 2011
        Annual Meeting of Stockholders and (ii) the first anniversary
        of the grant date.

        I don't understand;
        Mr. Gutierrez is "independent"?,
        My understanding of Class refers to term, i.e.
        classII = 2 years, and
        A competitor serving on the board?

        Any comments?

    • what neg. press today...TSL up 1.5%