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  • frankmartin4572 frankmartin4572 May 10, 2012 7:02 AM Flag

    Recent GT price action

    Money has been exiting GTAT since the latest earning season. Companies (not just solar) have provided earnings and guidance, and we have heard virtually nothing from GTAT. Funds are being diversified away from GTAT and into companies who have provided an outlook and a more prdicatable future. Lets face it GTAT is in solar and a voltile industry. Fund managers in this climate are making descions on risk aversion. As the market gets beat down there have been some great buying opportunities. Even though we believe GTAT is one of them, its apparent thats not a view amongest the masses. I'm long GTAT, we need earnings to be released sooner than later to stop the bleeding. Good luck to all, see you on the other side.

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    • I don't understand your logic. With a backorder like GTAT has, where is the mystery in their future? If I had a backorder of demand like GTAT has I wouldn't waste time developing PRs, I would spend all my time trying to find a way to produce faster to blow through the orders and make a gigantic profit.

    • As GTAT is involved in some kind of conference in China on 5/9 and 5/10.. Thought maybe some good news may come from it?? I think we are sitting on the right stk.. Whereby, those statements about no debt, $300M cash and $400M of checks in the mail..Better not been lies.. They would be breaking the law!! First thing I want to see on this earnings report.. They are going to have a huge buy back!!! I don't care what other people say.. At this stk price.. The best use of that cash would be to buy back a lot of this stk.. If they bought back half.. It would double earning immediatly.. No way you double earnings thru expansion!!! Don't know that that $300M cash and the $400M deferred earnings wer'nt one in the same... But there is a possibility if that $400M was added to that $300M.. They may have about as much cash as mkt cap is.. I have no idea, why this stk keeps dropping.. Its sure hurting my feeling.. As I have moved all my little money into it as it dropped from $7.75 to $6.50.. And am crazy.. I sent them a check yesterday to add to my account.. I intend to add some more, when that check clears, which should be about a day before they announce earnings... Those analyst are still projecting them to come in with .71 in earnings for this qtr.. I say F them... I like this stk!!! We may have to replace a few of the officers?? That can be done?? I have noticed.. Seems stk holder are getting more concerned, with the stks they own.. seems they are tired of sitting back and being robbed by them, as they lose their money!!!

    • I have mentioned that before , the issue with this company is that we don't get any news, updates or guidance. It is not the same with others. Do we have anyone working there ??