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  • phoenix_trader phoenix_trader Jun 11, 2012 7:23 PM Flag

    Share buyback then establish dividend

    Short interest is 3 million higher than the previous record last August.
    Time for another buyback immediately followed by a formal dividend poilicy.

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    • Jrm, do you actually think that the officers would be so stupid to blatantly manipulate the stock as you say? Sounds criminal imo......

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      • It really is hard to believe, anybody would want to get rich at someone elses expense.. In the mean time they have been putting some of them in prison.. They just give that greasy looking (billionare)hedge fund owner 11 yrs... Its really hard to get these SOB's convicted on circumstantal evidence!!! All I can tell you.. tommy g wouldn't want me on the jury, when they showed how he sold at $11. and a few mths later, it was down to $4. Guilty as charged.. One thousand yrs, hard labor!!! But as I know what he is guilty of.. Maybe, he would just like to plead guilty, and be took out and shot!!! Be a lot better than having to make big rocks into little ones every day and then going back and being ole babbas beatch at night!!!

    • Two completely stupid posters, Phoenix and Iggi.

      Last buyback accomplished nothing other than wasting $100m of valuable cash, another now during more difficult times would be totally stupid. Cash is king, especially in this difficult period, company can't afford to waste or deplete cash.

      The ridiculous $2-$3 dividend suggested by Iggi is beyond stupid, would consume virtually all of the company's available cash (after restricted cash of somre $96m), would accomplish even less than a buy back.

      Time to quit dreaming and deal with reality. The only prudent option is for the company and true believers to ride it out, not waste valuable cash, and wait for sentiment to improve. GTAT is well positioned for the not too distant future, and results will soon follow, especially in the LED segment.
      Patience is the key, not foolish or desperate measures.

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      • papa, I think you and the others are stupid ones.. Defending the officers.. I personally believe this is more about them f'ing the stk holders than anything else.. While you are saying, they should be holding onto cash.. Seems they have plenty to buy them stk.. Right now, I believe $93M of that cash is frozen, to buy them stk.. Its ethier that or they will be issueing new stk to themselves, thus diluting outstanding shrs.. They may not be doing any thing for the stk holders, they sure allocated $93M to buy themselves stk..(Right now, the lower the better for them) Hey, so there is weakness in the solar section!! But GTAT ain't in bad financial shape.. The stk shouldn't have dropped from $17.50 to $4. in less than a yr?? I personally believe GTAT(officers) are in cahoots with some of the manipulators.. After the officers get loaded up with stk at this price.. They will get together and drive it back up!!! In the mean time ole tommy g. is doing fine, he sold about $2.5M back in Sept at about $11. per shr, to go along with his $2.5M a yr salary.. Now lets see how many shrs he gets from that $93M.. But you people who bought this stk at $11. a shr are supposed to be happy in the mean time!! Just knowing, one day, they may drive it back to $11. I'm not in that bad a shape.. I started buying at $7.75.. Who the F are these a**hs on here defending the officers every day, talking about what a good job they are doing.. Looks like they are good at one thing to me.. F'ing the stk holders!!!

      • I'm glad to see you can tell between honest replies and sarcasm.

    • I appreciate your enthusiasm but that will never happen. It would also be a terrible idea. They are in a business that is in a downturn and will use all of that cash to weather the storm. They also are in a business that has tremendous long-term growth prospects, and they are investing their money into research and development. The investments they make with that cash will pay off in two years time. Nobody wants a dividend from GTAT. All this company needs to do is survive and it will be at $20 by 2014.