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  • chelle3095 chelle3095 Dec 5, 2012 7:48 PM Flag

    Don't they know their doomed...stop submitting new patents

    Here are a flurry of new patent applications related to HiCz that have been submitted in the last 6 weeks. Stop innovating, don't you know you are doomed to failure! ;)

    GT Advanced CZ, LLC Patent applications

    Patent application number Title Published 20120301386 11/29/2012

    SILICON INGOT HAVING UNIFORM MULTIPLE DOPANTS AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING SAME - A Czochralski growth system is disclosed comprising a crucible, a silicon delivery system comprising a feeder having a delivery point overhanging the crucible and delivering a controllable amount of silicon into the crucible, and at least one doping mechanism controllably delivering at least one dopant material to the feeder. The system can comprise two or more doping mechanisms each loaded with a different dopant material and can therefore be used to prepare silicon ingots having multiple dopants. The resulting ingots have substantially constant dopant concentrations along their axes. Also disclosed is a method of Czochralski growth of at least one silicon ingot comprising at least one dopant material, which is preferably a continuous Czochralski method.

    11/8/2012 Patent application number 20120279437

    GROWTH OF A UNIFORMLY DOPED SILICON INGOT BY DOPING ONLY THE INITIAL CHARGE - The present invention relates to a method of growing a silicon ingot comprising a dopant material having a segregation coefficient of k, wherein the concentration of the dopant is axially substantially uniform throughout the ingot. The method comprises the steps of providing a crucible having an inner growth zone in fluid communication with an outer feed zone, and the inner growth zone and the outer feed zone have cross-sectional areas that are can be used to determine conditions for maintaining dopant uniformity for the specific dopant material used. A crystalline growth system for growing at least one uniformly doped silicon ingot is also disclosed.

    11-08-2012 Patent application number 20120266808

    SIDE FEED SYSTEM FOR CZOCHRALSKI GROWTH OF SILICON INGOTS - A Czochralski growth system comprising a growth chamber, an isolation valve, a feed chamber containing feedstock, and a feeder is described. The isolation valve is disposed in at least one side wall of the growth chamber, and the feed chamber is vacuum sealed to the growth chamber through the isolation valve. The feeder is insertable into the growth chamber through the isolation valve and supplies the feedstock into the growth chamber. Preferably this system can be used for producing silicon ingots using a continuous Czochralski method.

    10-25-2012 Patent application number 20120260989

    THERMAL TREATMENT OF SILICON WAFERS USEFUL FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC APPLICATIONS - Efficiency of silicon photovoltaic solar cells is increased by an annealing process for immobilizing oxygen formed in Czochralski-grown silicon. The annealing process includes a short anneal in a rapid thermal annealing chamber at a high temperature, for example, greater than 1150° C. in an oxygen-containing ambient, More preferably, the wafer is rapidly cooled to less than 950° C. without an intermediate temperature hold, at which temperature oxygen does not nucleate and/or precipitate, Subsequent processing to form a photovoltaic structure is typically performed at relatively low temperatures of less than 1000° C. or even 875° C.

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