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  • coolicedmojo coolicedmojo Jan 24, 2013 12:50 PM Flag



    Dead in the water, this is... Hope that will change.

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    • Keep trying to pump your short position, but if you do not see the writing on the wall that this thing is about to jump big based on option activity you are going to lose money fast...this stock will be in steady accumulation mode even in a down market and before you know it we will be at $4 by the end of April.

    • if this junk cant even go up 20 cents and stay there when the market is making new highs , good luck getting it to do anything worthwhile in this market . maybe in yrs. if they even survive . stocks that are doing poorly business wise but still have foward positive prospects do move up when the market does . management has screwed the holders beyond recovery and its starting to look like stocks ive noticed before where management siphons as much as they can from the co. before its demise . The 5 yr. chart is in one huge downtrend and still going ..

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      • They seem like they'll take everything that's not nailed down including the furniture. I mean the one executive getting $18k/mo living expenses etc. Why don't they just open up some Swiss bank accounts for cripes sake.

        I will be a thorn in IR's side going forward especially if they fail to respond to my query.

        These MFers need to be held accountable. Since they are still getting generous RSUs/stock compensation why haven't their salaries been slashed since they have let so many worker bees go?