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  • rmsacc rmsacc Feb 4, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    investing in gtat now...

    gambling at its finest.. at least wait until earnings. there is no rush to get on board now!

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    • I held a small position in GTAT in the $7 range, I just added more today at $3.17, it is hard to not pay attention to the negative comments on boards like these but I constantly ask myself, "when would I put energy like that into something I already didn't believe in?"

      I find it funny that people go out of their way to "warn" people of a stock and bad mouth it. Since when, especially in our society, do people go out of their way like that? I realize there are both pumpers and dumpers but I just feel that the dumpers are harder to take seriously. I just can't see myself going from message board to message board unless I was actually interested in a stock.

      I will just keep a watchful eye on this one now that I have a bigger position. Good luck

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • dsarm, not badmouthing the stock at all, just trying to be prudent as to when to add on. Why add when its stuck in neutral? simply will wait for reasons for a trend up. What was you reasoning in adding on other than the low price?

      • Can I ask you what prompted you to add today? You sound like a long term holder and not a trader.

        I am very long, a large bag holder and not at all happy with the company, the stock or the corporate governance with this company right now.

        I wrote IR over 2 weeks ago and will finally get to speak to IR later today. Interestingly and not at all surprisingly, probably because of the direct questions I asked along with my tone, they apparently will not be responding in writing. You see it would seem pretty obvious that the Legal Department suggested the IR person talk to me as opposed to putting anything in writing.

        I'll see what IR has to say but I am not expecting much substance.