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  • cali_sun99 cali_sun99 Mar 21, 2013 11:16 AM Flag

    Just so I get this straight

    Gtat's credit line is with Bank of America.

    Bank of America's stock price has almost trippled since its last bottom.

    Bank of America used to own a huge percentage of Blackrock.

    Blackrock, the world's largest asset manager, is now the 6th largest holder in Gtat shares.

    Bank of America restructures credit line with Gtat and Gtat reduces the line size as well as pays back a portion of the line.

    Bank of America has now trippled its portfolio position in Gtat shares.

    Some posters think Gtat will go bankrupt by the end of this year. Anyone predicting Bank of America going bankrupt too?

    So Bank of America issued the credit line to GTAT, restructured the credit line, increased its stake in GTAT 3 fold along with Blackrock.

    Call me crazy here but considering the Countrywide mess, seems to me Bank of America knows whats its doing and may not be in the best position to be taking on huge risk for a so called company facing bankruptcy, considering its recent stock performance in the last year. Is Bank of America the big idiot for lending money to Gtat and buying up Gtat shares?

    Bank of America vs Yahoo message board shorts. Should be interesting.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy