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  • on_pphire on_pphire Apr 18, 2013 8:17 AM Flag

    earnings for GTAT after hours May 1st. Wednesday.

    Call thursday morning

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    • May 1st? It seems eager to report. I think solar sector starts reporting in May. Thus, GTAT will definitely set the tone for the rest of the solar sector, etc. This could be the qtr that solar sector finally reaches the bottom and provide more clarity going forward, etc. Definitely seeing more bid on stocks on solar sector.


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      • We are definitely seeing some bids! Although intraday low of 3.09 seemed more of a panic selling by the retail, we held the all important 50 day MA, 80 day MA, and Fibonacci retracement of 61.8%, and previous support area above the ~3, etc. Although volume was bit light, it is not unusual to have a light volume at the bottom and as it trend higher, pick-up the volume, etc. At least for today, it all happened in a down day for the rest of the market, etc.

        I would agree that if today's 3.09 was low of current consolidation, then we have a possibly trend change once we break above 3.84 and 3.94 (confirmed).

        I hope some of you didn't get shakeout today...


      • I agree that they seem eager. Remember, guidance for this quarter is for no new orders and booked shipments of only 50 million from backlog alone. Anything better than that and it's a win. I'm holding and refuse to cash in a single share because in the long run they will be worth much more. I won't risk missing the run-up, which as we've seen can come very quickly. If 3.09 was a new bottom, we're getting our higher lows and reversed the downtrend.

      • My thought too, May 1st caught me off guard. They have been getting beat up on other company news so it could be they want to get ahead of the pack this time.

        I have had ZERO luck holding through earnings this year, I don't know if maybe I'll just go half this time, but then again whats the fun of that.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy