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  • intpmom17 intpmom17 Jun 27, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    Something must be up with GTAT

    Maybe we will get the long hoped for short squeeze. The stock is running up really fast. The only other time that I was ever lucky enough to hold stock that suddenly short squeezed, it started running 2 days before the news came out, so I am wondering. On the other hand I have been burned by stock run-ups before that just faded and dropped very quickly, LOL. I have a very questionable hazy idea what might be running up the stock, but if my idea is correct it might or might not help GTAT a lot, who knows. I am thinking of that secret or semi-secret economic conference with some Asian countries. See Yahoo's headlines.

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    • I think the conference thing was somewhere in Yahoo news (not connected with GTAT). I saw it early this morning and mainly just read the headline or maybe first paragraph. I do remember they said that it is being kept quiet and now all of a sudden, I can't find it anywhere. I know I didn't imagine it. It didn't mention China as being included in this thing, but places close to China are. I remember Singapore in particular, but there were others. I wonder where that headline went.

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    • Today's volume is what's impressing me. This is a similar move to when it bounced off the yearly low. After the first jump, it ran from $3 to $4.70ish. That was over 70% to the upside. Not suggesting that here, but 5.50-6 is within reason. Common sense tells you something big is up. I think it's the same group that was buying before. I will sell a little #$%$, then hold until I see big volume to the downside.. The stock is not running on any charting system, so it's guess work at best. The first real resistance I see is around 7.