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  • persona_non_grata25 persona_non_grata25 Oct 24, 2013 9:28 PM Flag

    GTAT has the engineers, but is there a strong business culture?

    Even if we have the technology and engineering prowess, I am concerned if GTAT has the business acumen to sell it and build alliances within these various industries. Unfortunately, profit is not always about having the best product, its about marketing and salesmanship, even in the esoteric world of solar furnaces and specialty glass. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

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    • You have a right to be concerned. Energy Conversion Devices was the poster child for innovation without profit. Stanford Ovshinsky, the founder, was even called Japan's American Genious. the company was constantly selling off patents to keep it afloat. Hopefully GTAT has developed the marketing skills and business acumen to be successful. They certainly have the product but the business world is littered with defunct good ideas.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hey pesona_non_grata25,

      You just joined Yahoo Message Board on Oc 16th and have 5 posts.........all here and all with the same wondering questions. If you are unsure, move along somewhere else.

      What is your agenda? Why only post here?

      If you want to learn about GTAT and management, quit posting and go download their Investor's Presentation from their website.

      Then, go to Seeking Alpha and read their Conference Calls and questions. Look at their reorganization and then you won't ahve these questions.

      My take is that you are here to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) without trying to appear as a basher. But, it seems you do no research yet joined Yahoo to only post on this one message board.

      If you doubt management, never invest in the stock. You doubt management so LEAVE or say you are shorting.

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      • Yes i am new to the board and a new shareholder. I am not trying to spread doubt or uncertainty. Honestly, I have a lot riding on this stock and I want to hear both sides of the debate, without the mindless trash talk so common on these boards.

      • I am not shorting. I own stock in the company, quite a bit actually. In fact, this is the the largest position in my portfolio by far. However, sometimes it is good to play devils advocate and to be a bit contrarian, even against ones own interest. The truth is I have my own fear, uncertainty and doubt. Look, I didn't get in under 5 dollars a share like most of the longs here. I'm got in at the low 8's, so my position is a bit more vulnerable. That being said I'm not selling till at least 2015 unless there is a market correction, in which case no stock is safe. But I'm not sorry if it appears I have ulterior motives. Rest assured I do not. I want nothing more than for this stock to be worth 50 dollars a share one day.