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  • cali_sun99 cali_sun99 Oct 26, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    Next week and chart review going into earnings

    -Looking for volume dry up in handle continuation going into earning next week flushing out the rest of the weak investors.

    -Closed twice on the lows so far in the handle-check

    -Big Volume clue Sept 16th week-check

    -Volume dry up clue Oct. 14th week-check

    -Large cup and handle-check

    -Huge cup and handle formation has formed, which has chart similarities to America Online. The high, low, time of the formation, all similar. AO had a 9 week handle. Gt is going into week 6. There are also similarities to Taro Pharm., huge cup and handle formation with the big volume clue on the right side before the handle.

    -The chart is just about set. All we need is good guidance, an earnings beat, and an explosive Q4 earnings coming up with an order or two, and we should start to move significantly again.

    -The conference call is on a Monday. Good things tend to happen with this company on Mondays. Wouldn't be shocked if we get an order announcement Tuesday. The company has done that multiple times in the past the following day. In the past, significant earning beats have come on Mondays. If you remember, last conference call happened on a Monday, with a significant beat. The last conference call before that, which had a Monday release, goes all the way back to 2011. I have no prediction on eps this time around. I do expect a beat, possibly a significant beat.

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    • tjshinault Oct 30, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

      Tweeters are high on GTAT also---

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      If options are to be valued: call buying and put selling in $GTAT bodes well

      stocktwits 2 hours 36 minutes ago
      Milou Milou

      $GTAT thinking of buying 20k shs here and sell the Nov 7.5er call and 10er call... nice premium (annualised)

      @great_vibes Why not just buy $SPWR or $GTAT. Why buy questionable Chinese solars with huge debts and looming secondaries?

      long $GTAT on the calls, based on the entire sector, decrease in SI, revenue diversity, Sep gap filled and additional hiring

      $GTAT I m watching and wanting in on GTAT. Looking for a solid entry point

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    • -3 more days to close the week. Volume dry up has started as predicted in the handle. The stage isn't quite set but getting darn close. Like a rat getting baited into a snake den, the move is coming and the weekly chart technicals are supporting it. Looking for weak volume the next 3 days to close the week. Red or green close Friday on the weekly is irrelevant. Low volume is the key, and very relevant. Anybody that says low volume is never a bull signal doesn't understand charts.

      -That said, charts still take a backseat to fundamentals. But the chart is setting up almost perfectly.

      -Strong Buy

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to cali_sun99
      • Well, you're certainly holding the low volume today. The past seven trading days will be worth it if the next couple weeks are the start of another race upwards.

      • I hope that call is correct padre, Calli did you read RBCN report on earnings? My take was revenue was met but earnings disappointed due to operational costs, Guidance was lighter then expected the company sees demands picking up but not enough to satisfy the street, The LED side of the equation should pick up. I see GTAT doing better in revenue and controlling costs not to mention that their other businesses should really start bringing in much more revenue in the 2nd half of 14 I see the stock moving higher but not until other operations get contracts.