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  • steven_s_54 steven_s_54 Feb 11, 2014 5:56 PM Flag

    If Apple doesn't come out with a sapphire covered Iphone

    all they have is just another phone with a bigger screen like Samsung. Really not much excitement there. But a bigger screen made of scratch proof sapphire would be a real game changer. I think Apple needs a sapphire in the worst way even if it costs a little more. The rumor today just makes no sense to me.

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    • Let's be honest, most consumers could care less about the use of sapphire versus GG. I have a nice aftermarket screen protector on my phone that works just fine, so I'm more concerned about cracking my screen than scratching it. At this point, all that matters to Apple's near-term prospects is a bigger screen. GLTU

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      • It will be a false assumption that most customers careless.about the screen. The reason most people use IPHONE is because of the perceived "coolness" and "prestige". And sapphire is the exact element to make next generation IPHONE cool. If most customers only look for a bigger screen, they could just get one of the Chinese version for 50-70% off iphone's price. $20 extra cost per phone can be passed on to apple's target customer easily. It would be a strategic mistake for Apple if they give up the sapphire screen just because of the $20 extra cost. I am 90% sure Apple is purposely release this report to confuse its competitors, especially the report is from Apple's related party (its vendors). If the competition does not learn the sapphire screen until just before iphone6 releases, it will take them longer to catch IPHONE's cool.

      • I hate screen protectors and I hate Otter boxes. That is why I still use my trusty old Blackberry. I have dropped it dozens of times and just keeps on trucking. If someone came out with a smartphone that did not need to have a fortress of protection around it I would buy it. I may be in the minority but that is my thoughts.

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