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  • knezevic67 knezevic67 Feb 13, 2014 3:56 AM Flag

    Is outlook or current earnings more important for the share price ?

    OUTLOOK is key :)))

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Outlook is key!!!!

      BUT the last 120 days has seen MASSIVE capex spending the likes this company has never ever seen....without a drop of revenue to offset. The CEO has dumped 35% of his position in the last two weeks,,,

      It's going to be U-G-L-Y come the 24th. I don't think Apple is going to let TG spill his guts on the call either.

      I've got my core shares that I won't sell for years but I've dumped close 30% of the position on this run up(and at a nice little profit) just like TG. If I need to chase shares on the 25th....I'll chase.

      That's just the plain facts...

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      • red, I agree that TG won't be able to spill his guts on Apple. The question is will he just maintain guidance (probably) or up it and how much other stuff outside of AAPL can or will he talk about that could move the stock. I will be looking for a pull back to the handle here to add trading shares potentially. I have my core but am willing to add to that core or simply add trading shares.

        If the market gets terribly ugly this could very well pull below the BO back into the areas it just came from. Those would be a long term opportunity to buy.

        Good swing trade for you with trading shares.

      • To counter your caution Red...

        Capex will not be expensed at the time it is purchased but depreciated over many years.
        Company just reiterated guidance so there will be no surprises. Bad news is baked in.

        Completely agree that TG will have a muzzle on and won't be able to give us a real picture of the scale of the Apple deal. He has already given us plenty to be licking our chops over. Next news will likely come from Apple itself once product is released although I find it highly unlikely that whatever is being manufactured in Mesa can remain a secret until an Apple announcement. It will be leaked and it could be sooner rather than later.... watch out when that happens. If Matt's speculation can pop the stock what do you think news from a factory worker will do?

        We're not expecting anything big from the other business legs this quarter but with the solar boom it is just a ticking time bomb on exactly when the new orders start coming in. If he gives any positive color, boom.

        CC and earnings release are on a Monday morning. They will be giving us something to like.

        I will remain fully loaded through earnings. Any negative reaction will be long lasting in my opinion.

      • The massive capex is apple's gt buys apple pays. If you traded because of this you are on the wrong boat

      • The massive capex was put in place for massive future revenue. Capex investment at the purest level. You either trade it or look further out.

    • edgordon Feb 13, 2014 5:02 AM Flag

      Just ask SPWR holders. Great results but tepid outlook and shares down after hours. Wall St has YET to begin to price in GTAT outlook. As I keep saying SAPPHIRE is just ONE piece of the puzzle albeit a very large and important one. The moat GTAT is creating has not been priced in and neither have the other business elements. Many many months ago i suggested NFLX, TSLA trajectory. I maintain that view based on GTAT potential and Wall St myopia will eventually clear and price it all in. Trades from day to day may be exciting or discouraging but it matters little if your view is 3 to 6 years out. Matt and others on this board have done a great job in connecting the dots and getting published and this has created the BEGINNING of an awareness that will eventually translate into a PPS pricing in the future.