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  • corning2retire corning2retire Jul 12, 2014 9:10 PM Flag

    Sapphire glass might not be ready for prime time

    "The sapphire is too hard to withstand bending. It's easier to break during drop tests when the size of sapphire increases."-Anonymous representative from a major phone manufacturer.

    Sapphire glass can be currently found on some luxury handsets, but the cost of the material is preventing it from being more widely used. Consider that the price of a large phone display made of Gorilla Glass is estimated to cost $3. A sapphire glass display of the same size would probably run about $30. LG took a look at using sapphire glass, and rejected the idea, because of the cost of obtaining the material.

    "The cost and supply aren't where we'd like them to be for sapphire to be practical just yet. Sapphire's durability and scratch-resistance are certainly attractive, but Gorilla Glass isn't going to be displaced anytime soon."-Ken Hong, Global Communications Director, LG

    And despite some recent videos claiming to show how unbreakable the alleged sapphire glass front panel of the iPhone 6 is, a representative from a major handset manufacturer says that the larger the size of a sapphire screen, the more brittle it is. And outside of Apple, no manufacturer will be able to procure a large enough supply of the stuff to not worry about inventory disruptions.

    Thus, for now, Corning Gorilla Glass remains the material of choice for most smartphone displays. As for Apple and the iPhone, we will have to wait until the phone is unveiled, most likely in September, to see if the gang in Cupertino decides to make the switch to sapphire. If they do, it most likely will be Apple bearing the brunt of the additional cost of the material.

    source: Engadget

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    • I nailed it, calling the questionable profit margins into focus hours before the news hit this morning. Nice....

      "yields of the company's new sapphire plant in Arizona appear to be poor. Consequently, the supply of sapphire that GT Advanced is producing for Apple (AAPL) appears to be limited and its profit margins may be hurt"

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    • Golly, appears that this red flag I raised should have been taken seriously.

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    • You don't invest hundreds of millions of dollars on a total dud of an idea, even if you have cash coming out of your ears like apple does. people will pay an extra $30 for a more durable screen. they'll come running

    • I will be brief and to the point. AAPL didn't spend its money on GTAT for no reason, and cheap phone makers like Samsung cant afford Sapphire. Though they wish they could. Sapphire will destroy Samsung market share worldwide.

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      • Agree. I have a Samsung Galaxy s3. I'm due for an upgrade and am thinking of switching to an iPhone 6 because of the sapphire glass and other advanced features. I think Samsung is on the verge of falling behind if they don't follow suite. I'm tired of using screen protectors that get bubbles in them. Further, the sapphire screens will add about $10 each phone - about what you pay for a pack of screen protectors. It's a no brainer.

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    • Easy pumpers/lemmings.

      I posted an article from Engadget. This is not my opinion, it is an article from Engadget. Amazing how you attack any point of view that does not have the world using sapphire for everything in the future.

      I don't understand how you can argue that sapphire is heavier. Is it not perfectly understandable that weight is an important issue for device makers, particularly tablets?

      I don't understand how you can argue that a larger piece of sapphire (tablets) is more easily broken/shattered from a drop onto concrete. Science does not lie.

      I don't understand how you can argue that a tablet sized piece of sapphire would add at least $100 to a tablet, maybe more. If a 5 inch piece of finished sapphire is $30 for a manufacturer, how much do you think a tablet piece would cost?

      I think the premium iphone air will probably use sapphire and the base model will not. We will see how the drop test durability plays out vs Gorilla Glass. There is no way the ipad will use sapphire because of the reasons stated above.

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    • I predict you're about to be PROVED wrong in the next 48hrs.

    • When the competitor trying to suck you in. Walk the other path GTAT sapphire is the future. Gorrilla glass is out soon.

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    • Corning.... What you state is valid ...the general smartphone market is not ready for sapphire screens.
      Because they have not invested like Apple in scale to reduce unit price, along with R&D by both Apple and GTAT in patents to strengthen sapphire! reduce energy in production cycle with heat transfer between furnaces, continuous pour, silver nano injection, laser cutting, etc, etc.

      So yes the lower priced smartphones will stay withC owning GG for along time.
      And Samsung and LG are just starting to follow Apple's lead so that will take 18-24 months for them to start using sapphire on their high end models...time will tel.

      So sit back and enjoy your retirement from Corning..... They have plenty of other things going for them to keep your pension coming to you......

      Apple has their game plan in play to use sapphire .... Not just for scratch proof screens, but lower power consumption on the battery and provide Apple users with a significant improvement in accuracy, sensitivity of the touch sensor.

      Enjoy your retirement.......and stop worrying about what Apple and GTAT are doing.

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    • That's because LG does not have a huge, low cost sapphire producer in AZ.

      "The cost and supply aren't where we'd like them to be for sapphire to be practical just yet. Sapphire's durability and scratch-resistance are certainly attractive, but Gorilla Glass isn't going to be displaced anytime soon."-Ken Hong, Global Communications Director, LG