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  • dreamtrader99 dreamtrader99 Jul 15, 2014 1:11 PM Flag

    GTAT’s Hyperion Technology is Laser Focused on Cancer Treatment

    Google the title for full article. This gonna be a big hit added to the company.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Great find. Thanks!

    • I'm shocked there is not more buzz about this. My late husband had throat cancer in 2008. During treatments he aged 15 years. After Doctors said you are "well and cancer free", he never ate a meal through his throat again, and was able to swallow very little water. I later found out they call radiation the gift that keeps on giving, because your body doesn't recover with time from radiation treatment. Your body continues to get worse. My Husband of 33 years lived 4 more years after he was declared cancer free but the last three he seldom left his bed. He had trouble getting into the car because he couldn't bend his neck. I could write a book about how courageously he fought but also about the pain and indignities he suffered from radiation.

      When Matt first posted this article PTT, I felt very proud to own part of a company that might cure throat cancer without evil radiation. Proud isn't really the right word, joy is really a better word I guess.

      Putting all that aside I also thought about how lucrative this could be. The margins are huge. In Europe medical equipment is easier to get approved. In very little time this could be bring in major cash. GTAT is so much more than just an Apple supplier. Thanks for letting me vent.:)