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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 26, 2012 9:52 AM Flag

    REEDs is moving to Amex not the NYSE! Why downgrade the listing?

    Why would they move down to Amex or MKT? The MKT is an emerging market like the AIM or the Canadian Venture. The Amex listing is for companies that don't qualify for NASDAQ or the NYSE primary. Investors clearly know the difference between NYSE and Amex or MKT. Companies will move off the Amex when they qualify for NASDAQ. I can't understand why management would downgrade the listing....

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    • At least one high quality stock is listed on NYSE MKT. Seaboard (SEB) trades around $2500 per share.

    • I firmly believe what differientates the new NYSE listing from where the company currently trades on the NASDAQCM, from the said NYSE listing is exposure. Pick up a Barrons and search the NASDAQ listings for REED. It currently is not listed because the NASDAQCM is micro cap companies, just above the OTCBB listings. Facebook is currently listed on the NASDAQGS, and is fully detailed in the Barrons. Exposure can be both good and bad depending on REED's revenues and earnings. Christ Reed tends to be an excellent entrepreneur, so I suspect a good outcome.

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      • REEDs moved off the NASDAQ Global Market, the once National Market, REEDs was not on NASDAQCM. Almost any investor would prefer NASDAQ over Amex or MKT. Can anyone even think of another company that is listed on Amex? NASDAQ is the market of many of my consumer stocks like Costco, Starbucks, Kraft, Dunkin, etc. Companies will list on the Amex over the OTCBB. Companies only list on Amex if they don't qualify for NASDAQ or NYSE primary. I love the product! I guess management just doesn't care about investor perception....

      • The stocks on the NYSE MKT are not listed in Barron's either. The stock is moving from one small stock exchange to another , it is not not going to be listed on the big board. Since most people use computers to find and track their stocks, being on the smaller exchanges is not as big a deal as it used to be, but the move, at least at this point is lateral in regards to exchanges.

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