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  • photofool321 photofool321 Feb 7, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    So, no news til mid-March?


    This is painful...

    This topic is deleted.
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    • There is still plenty of activity on their facebook page. And the number of likes is steady increasing.

    • I suspect, word of the new Komb flavors will come out in the March timeline? My advice to you is go out and try the Reed's Kombucha flavors and put your trust in Chris's ability as a visionary brew-master. Surely, in a taste test Kombucha blows away the CSD's I.e Coke/Pepsi. In addition,
      Kombucha could win hands down against Gatorade in flavor sensation. I'd like to see Kombucha's in the 7-Eleven cooler next to those brands and other beverages. There's a huge runway in front of us and choices to be made about marketing/pricing, before this Kombucha thing gets full lift. Because, Reed's has the talent to put out great products, two years out you will likely see a double or triple in the PPS. In the final analysis, this forward stock price scenario will only come with evidence of sales execution and cost control. My guess is the market wants proof positive on the sales/eps side before allocating more money into the stock? However, the big question for investors now is, should I wait till the operational metric writings are on the wall.? My answer to them would be- sitting out is fine. Personally, I'd rather hold a MONSTER AKA HANSEN NATURAL type company throughout the entire product cycle period. Its conceivable that
      sooner than the time required for the growth engines to fire on all cylinders, a suitor could step up
      willing to pay for the company and ownership in these potential growth categories. In the interim, the trading carpet burn/pull (new lingo which means stock-price action induced by specialist/computers) experienced, is just a method for taking stock away from emotional traders and investors. Those individuals/technologies prey on the folks who won't yield to patience, enough to sit and let a company/stock create LT wealth for them.

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