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  • investorzee investorzee Mar 4, 2013 9:26 AM Flag

    Keep Chris- keep company public. Sell ginger and premium soda lines

    Too little profit from ginger premium soda since the IPO. Kombucha - 2X margins, cheaper to produce, sells way faster. Whole foods K sales are 1% of overall sales on only approx .01% of floor area. Stores better off selling K. Reed's could have plan in works to sell ginger, soda lines as evidenced by revenue diversification per cc. New PL contracts may be for K? Reed's #1 in natural root beer and cola. No reason they can't be #1 in K, as is their stated goal. Reed's stock is the only one available for direct investment in K growth at this point.

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    • Yes - ginger brew and Virgil - GREAT tasting products should be making nice $ by now...they have each been out for over 10 years.
      BTW local whole-paycheck and another dominant natural store do not have Reed's K..we are in March 2013. Additionally, local K offerings had 2 for $ $3 price....4-6 months ago most k's were 3.5 to 4 more like 3.5 to 3. High margins attracts competition....see exhibit A(pple).
      Looking at Monster beverage...when it was Hansen w/o the energy drink...was doing 70-80m in 2000 in sales and profitable...then came monster category and really took off...and now 2+ billion in sales. Point is they were profitable before energy drink entry.

    • There is absolutely nothing in the works to sell any of their product lines. But to your point about COG, You are taking on {face value} that the cost of producing REEDS beverages is the issue and that it is too high or too high in relation to Kombucha. This is a clear case of the old adage "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater"....If the COG of the their main product lines were lower or they could/would produce the product at a significantly lower cost, you would feel differently.

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