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  • bootz6666 bootz6666 Mar 27, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    Jam cracker is short here, and is just working

    Away at the boards here....he will take what ever he can get, even if one person sells fifty shares after reading his meaningless drivel,? Go jam cracker ! Ha ha

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    • Jamcracker good for the board. Gotta have a harsh critic to expose any weakness that needs fixing before it's too late. This is something that cannot be had from a bunch of cheerleaders.

    • Even before my very first post - stock was -50%.
      Stock will do what it will do...regardless of one person touting or bashing.
      I stick to facts...publicly disclosed facts. I do my own intense deep research. If you have read my previous will see I even talk about how great Extra Ginger brew is...
      Few days back I even shared that my work shows they will probably will do $38m in sales during 2013...during conference call $8-$10m in new business was mentioned by CR.
      An earlier post said I was making a big issue about labels...and i was blind and could not read english...(personal attacks/character assination/kill-the-messenger)....while my point was an important one...precious dollars wasted on labels...I was no fan of the labels...but I was shocked that it caused production issues (putting labels by hand) and hit the company w/ about $200k.

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      • Actually, I apologize for being rude. I appreciate you defended your argument, if anything you helped clarify it.

        The cost of the new labels is nothing but an afterthought to the CEO, it is the cost of doing business. Anytime you make a change in the factory, there will be a cost. Do you think Coca-Cola worried about the cost of their new concave design, or do you think they were thinking about making the product look more attractive to the buyer, with the intent to sell a whole lot more Coca-Cola. Did you figure in the new revenue growth generated by having a more attractive bottle/label? No, why not, isn’t that part of making a sound argument.

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