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  • stockerzzz1 stockerzzz1 Jun 23, 2013 7:42 PM Flag

    Reed's Kombucha in Giant Eagle?

    I was looking through tags of "kombucha" on Instagram (which btw, Reed's has a decent amount of photos and great reception to the product) and saw:

    kculrly45_tiu: "Look what I found at my Giant Eagle! I am excited/nervous to try #kombucha...."

    The picture shows 2 Goji Ginger bottles and a Hibiscus Ginger Grapefruit in the fridge.

    Also found a picture of Reed's Goji Ginger from 'elosquirrel' from 11 weeks ago that said: "@reedsgingerbrewnortheast

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    • Didn't want to start a new thread, but a good article in Slate titled "Sour food trend - Why tart foods like pickles, Greek yogurt, and kombucha are sweeping America."

      Some highlights that could benefit Reed's K:

      - A vice president at the Food Network, Alford runs its expansive test kitchen in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Recipes and ideas that make the cut here will find their way into kitchens across America through the network’s TV, Web, and magazine content. Alford’s job is to stay in front of America’s ever-changing palate without alienating a mainstream audience. Right now, Alford is finding that audience increasingly hungry for sour foods.

      -- These days, her audience isn’t afraid to pucker. “They're looking for a much more intense sour flavor, whether it's from lemon or vinegar,” Alford says.

      -- Alford isn’t the only culinary professional perceiving a growing taste for sourness—others in the food world are picking up on the same signals, and companies are swooping in to capitalize on America’s growing taste for tartness. Think of thick, sour Greek yogurt, which has expanded from a meager 1 percent market share in 2007 to take over more than one-third of the entire yogurt market this year.

      -- Her firm put sour food at the top of a recent list of culinary trend predictions. A key reason Jankowski’s clients are doing more with sour foods is that consumers perceive them as healthier, not just because of sugar fears, but also the potential health benefits of the helpful bacteria involved in the fermentation that creates those tart flavors.

      --Fermentation has become a popular DIY pastime, too, and this Portlandia-mocked obsession is also growing the market for sour flavors. From Pinterest-loving Mormon mommy bloggers to Grizzly Adams beard-rocking hipsters, pickling has a legion of fans with missionary zeal. Kombucha, the mildly fizzy fermented tea, has grown so far beyond its crunchy origins that I saw bottles of it in rural Virginia gas stations...

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      Goji Ginger Kombucha
      Goji Ginger Kombucha

    • ^ Got cut off.


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