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  • fleabaggy fleabaggy Apr 4, 2014 4:33 PM Flag

    Are you enjoying this, Chris?

    Because I can assure you, the rest of the shareholders are not.

    Have a pleasant weekend. Perhaps take that time to mull over a few things.

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    • Most of these comments are justified but the content of which rehashes the same old, same old.
      The fundamental question is whether Reeds operates under a viable and sustainable business model, one which can be profitable. Further, Chris needs help!! (not the psychological kind though there could be some debate there) He is very bright but needs a few quality people with whom he can discuss strategic imperitives. I'm sure that there are persons - if Chris were willing - who might be convinced to accept stock options or equity in order to help facilitate a restructuring of sorts. Everything thing should be on the table!!!!! There could/would be no hit to the bottom line and regaining credibility at this point should result in a stabilization/reversal in the downward trend of the share price. The stock is, at this point, significantly oversold in my opinion. But mgmnt must make the regaining of the street's trust a major goal. The day that such an announcement is made, the stock should react accordingly.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Far fetched. I've been picking up share on the dive! All? Are you EVERYBODY.

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      • i agree it will trade higher. however, the major problem to me is that chris appeared dishonest. a slight of hand artist. unbelievable. unreliable. and these announcements of new accounts and distributors seem silly and a distraction. as chris said they are worth 1%. a joke when the brand should be growing 50% yoy. he does clearly does not understand the breach of trust. after all he is the president of the COKE of natural beverages. who can't turn a profit and is struggling to continue growth already. who must cut marketing costs to eak out a penny profit.

      • Apparently not enough.

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