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  • xwavve xwavve Jun 10, 2014 10:06 AM Flag

    CC Summary

    1) Fiorino introduced - will make the rounds with US bankers
    2) Israeli press profiles a 2nd super responder - a soldier. Company considering translating for US news outlets
    3) Slides will not be distributed for 2a results due to pending publication of data by PI. Waiting for final 2 patients to complete follow-up in August
    4) Company preclinical models of NurOwn in AZ show consistent effects across the board -- nice pipeline expansion for attracting funding
    5) Tech transfer completed at 2 additional manufacturing sites - looking to consolidate an approach
    6) Publication of 2a results could qualify for FDA breakthrough status - publication to be in major journal
    7) Trials moving forward and company believes their technology is better than competitors - working on improvements to share price
    8) No discussion of up-listing or reverse stock split
    9) No negative news (other than visibility issues being in Israel) - Fiorino thrown in the fire, but performed well

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    • good god it wasnt r/s
      she will arrive over there without r/s
      #$%$ strong buy

    • Thank you for the summary. I think the biggest negative holding back the stock to date has been the acting President, although he may have served the company well during his time. I just hope that he is now totally out of the picture.
      Fiorino seems to be a very good fit, and is very sharp. This goes up by at least a 5x multiple over the next 12 months assuming the science is sound. I am very pleased with this management change. I look forward to a conference call with the new President leading it.

    • thank you

    • Thanks

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      • Here is my very brief rundown of the call. Besides the news in the PRs that was announced, nothing huge to report. Here are some notables:

        - Fiorino was introduced as the new CEO and on his 2nd day on the job. He stated his two main goals are 1. To get Phase II in the US up and running smoothly (paraphrasing) and 2. To introduce Brainstorm to the US market, investors, institutions, everyone. He stated that BCLI remains relatively unknown to those who matter most and he wants to change that

        - They can't comment much on the interim data that was released more than they already have in the PR and at the conference. The hope is to have it published in a peer reviewed journal after they have collected data on the last two treated patients (late August)

        - Spinal chord injury is a potential indication in the future (maybe even this year), but can't elaborate more

        - Anticipate more indications being announced this year

        - Funding is OK for now, but can't comment on any plans for future funding

        I thought CEO Tony Fiorino sounded very intelligent and in touch with reality. Came across as a very nice guy as well into opinion.

        Lebovits stated that they will publish all of details of the interim data in a peer reviewed journal once they have reviewed all data from the last two patients (August). I wouldn't be surprised if they use that opportunity to r/s and up-list.

        Lebovits never seems interested in chatting about the stock performance. Good points made by Don Reiss from Wells Fargo again as to why the pps doesn't move. Too long to post, but worth listening to. I hope Tony Fiorino really listened to what he had to say as well.

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