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  • an_intellectual_jarhead an_intellectual_jarhead Sep 16, 2005 12:54 PM Flag

    Looks like this board

    And you write, "kuka from"

    Talk about adverstising.

    I don't think anyhere is either a paid pumper or basher. I think that most are here for their own self interest, whether it be being long shares and then pumping the stock, or short shares and trashing. And there are some here for informative reasons, even to just opine.

    Paid pumper or basher? I just don't see the economics.


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    • Its seems like just when the Jarhead showed up...all these others did too.

      I got a Hunch that these organized shitheads might be a bunch of military affiliated group traders....guys who know each other and make moves like this. Paranoid?

      Could be with Mitch (the Bitch) Stone or Cliff Lemmings......both claimed military ties before.

      I have heard some military terminology in their posts......"Quad....1700 (hours)....etc etc....

      Something stinks in ISONVILLE today.

      Oh yeah, I knew some military guys who were in these organized trading groups.....I dont know if they ever attacked a stock like these assholes are doing....but they were organized.

      Anyways, I gotta say that makes Unique Custom Sports Jerseys......and We give Military Discounts up to 15%.... yeah I know I am a PIMP.


      GO ISON!

      Kuka from

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      • Paranoid? Oh man, you are.

        I'm an E-3 0311 in the USMCR. If you know what that it, you'll know that I'm small peanuts.

        Shares popped up when I arrived? Well, thanks for the flattery. But this stock has days fo million-plus trades. It did just his past Monday on the upside. And now it did it again on the downside.

        All this trading is NOT done by 'tutes. First, because the stock is below the $5 threshold, many 'tutes cannot go near it. Second, the company has zero profits, something that would make 'tutes avoid this stock. Third, the company's strategy is for naught -- the disparate businesses is a poor alocation of financial resources. Rather, this company should be focused on one business, whether it be 300mm wafers of homeland security.

        Military connection, I swear I've read some really silly shit on the posts, but that takes the cake.


      • maybe someone is playing a prank and his laughing his ass off at you and your military plot?

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