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  • delphioracle2009 delphioracle2009 Aug 9, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    If UR feelig lucky for another 3x ... Sell TSLA & buy ZAGG (heavy short) 2013 EPS $0.43, 2014 EPS $0.56

    OWW had a great run up from under $3s to over $12s ... considering 2014 ESP of just $0.36 compared to that of 2013 EPS of $1.64 of OWW ... for fe lucky ones for another 3x ... it might be time to sell OWW & buy ZAGG

    ZAGG might be worth at lest 2013 P/E valuation of 20, which translates to about $9.2/share and 2014 P/E of about 18, which is about which is also about $9.9/share ...

    Among all 3 accessory makers LOGI, SKUL & ZAGG the later is the best positioned and has the lowest P/E ratio for 2013 (LOGI 20.33, SKUL 41 & ZAGG 10.57) & 2014 (LOGI 32.24, SKUL 18.62 & ZAGG 8.83) and also the lowest PEG ratio (LOGI 1.15, SKUL 7.23 & ZAGG 0.87).

    On top of that it is now has probably over 36% of the float in short position, which makes ZAGG a good short squeeze candidate that could reach 1.5x to 2x of prospective valuation ... giving a potential PPS target of $15/share ...

    Moto X has been released, LG G2 was announced on 08/07 ... along with that (anticipated) iPhone 5S release in September ZAGG EPS could get big boost ...

    There is room in ZAGG only for a few lucky ones ... so only if you feel lucky and have the guts to bet your own money then think about selling OWW and buying ZAGG

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    • Considering last year EPS of $0.18 and next year EPS of $0.36 OWW shows an EPS growth of 1.5x in reality ... but PPS shot up from under $3 to above $12 this year itself ...

      If you are feeling lucky ... for a few there could be another 3x ... it might be time to sell OWW & buy ZAGG