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  • pcrenegade1973 pcrenegade1973 May 28, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    $.55 trade? What are company chiefs doing about their stock?

    3 months away from being delisted and they don't seem to be even remotely interested in driving their stock price up above $1. I'm in the hole on this one, but I think I might be taking my losses and getting out of it, especially with the 55 cent trade that just went through.

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    • nothing! they are doing like every other china scam! letting the stock drift to pennies.
      soon you will see the delisting from nasdaq notice
      if the company was legit and not out to scam long shareholders, it would never have gone to this level and they would have done something like a stock buyback to get it over 1 to keep from delisting. they put out fluff pr to keep sucking in retail American longs.

    • Hmmmm something here doesn't smell right. IMHO clearly, speculators in collusion can gang up to drive the share price down with a rush of short sales. Usually these speculators have no special insight into a firm and will assume it is less valuable than the market price. At opportune times, shorts can overwhelm the buyers of the stock by selling short large number of shares to drive the share price down and to eliminate the buyers for the stock at that given time. Big trades are executed through Wall Street market makers who, in many cases, buy and sell using their own inventories of stock.

      I'm not falling for these Hedgy games and hopefully you also will NOT!. Market factors clearly point to Oink being on the cusp of profitability in the next quarter or two at the most.


    • wizardofwheeler May 28, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

      Wow... And just the other day their IR says... "Thanks for having patience...."

      I feel betrayed. GL and I don't blame you for bailing. Someone is getting some real cheap shares or paying WAY too much. By end of today, we will know.

      Sentiment: Hold