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  • wizardofwheeler Sep 13, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

    Reverse Split Vote

    okay dumb question and conspriacy theory time:

    What is up with the 50,000,000 common share approval? Wouldn't the common shares available be reduced

    Why would they ask the question like the split is inevitable? May just be paranoia, but why state it " increase the number of authorized shares following THE reverse stock split to 50,000,000." By using the phrase "following the reverse split" instead of "following a reverse split" or better "following an unlikely reverse split" makes it sound like it is a done deal.

    What really grinds my gears... they know just a small share buyback or inside buying would get us above a dollar quickly and NADA. Even a dumb move like announcing a "special dividend" like STV does would get us past this issue.

    Thanks in advance

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    • I voted against reverse split.

    • In poetry ambiguity has often been valued as the basis of depth, subtlety and richness in art. Its role and function in is also the subject of much debate in contemporary empirical approaches to aesthetics: ambiguous works offer a particularly complex kind of cognitive experience in which a reader or viewer has to navigate multiple meanings and cope with indeterminacy.

      In business ambiguity entails uncertainty when the powers that be are indecisive and fail to make a firm commitment to anything. When managers display ambiguity, the entire company can suffer from inaction. When a clear path is not laid out, it is only natural for a company and its stock PPS to flounder.

      Miss Li. Tear down these walls of ambiguity!

      With Pork Prices way up in China … a simple guidance statement could get this above $1.

    • I would not read much into that sentence. The main question is whether OINK will be expanding and show profit. If the answer is yes which I think it is, then reverse split will actually be a good move.

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      • wizardofwheeler Sep 13, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

        We can hope, but winner usually goes to the shorts after a reverse split. Maybe weeks down the road or that day, but they win most of the time. The reality is if Tianli was managed well we wouldn't be here. Have you heard of a solid company performing a reverse split EVER...nope.

        Still believe a real company whose management thinks years down the road, while most of us look to each quarter to feel justified. My opinion not adding till below 70 and I "hope" I never get the opportunity again. Have a great weekend all! Nice to hear from you Pahad.