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  • pro4.kodak pro4.kodak Aug 6, 2012 10:29 PM Flag


    I WARNED everybody last Thursday that the CRIMINALS at the WSJ would put out a BS article to appease the shorts.

    The shorts have ONLY 4 days MAX to cover.


    1)Kodak has generated $3 BILLION from licensing just ONE of the 2 portfolios over the last 8 years.

    2)MSFT wants ownership!

    3)APPLE BADLY NEEDS ownership!

    4)Samsung does NOT have a license for a TABLET.

    5)Virtually NOBODY has a license for a TABLET computer.

    6)Most of the patent licenses expire over the next 4 years

    7)NOBODY has a license for TV with camera.

    8)NOBODY has a license for the KISS patents for CLOUD offerings/Social networking: THINK FACEBOOK!

    9) NOT ONE person was willing to have their name printed in the WSJ article.

    10) Apple/MSFT versus ALL of ANDROID = $$ MANY BILLIONS

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    • rogerxavier Aug 7, 2012 6:45 AM Flag

      Did you factor in the 6000 Nortel v 1100 Kodak patent numbers and weigh for relevance of each companies' portfolio to the business goals of the bidders?

    • wrong.

      "..the expected selling price had been $200 million to $400 million..."

      mhyrvold at nortel

      now, if we compare this, the estimate for nortel was a medium 300 mio.

      the estimate for kodaks two are a medium 200 mio.

      nortel got 4500 mio, thats 4500/300= 15 times the estimates.

      f you take the same number, kodak could get 2 x 200 x 15 = 6000 mio, or 6 bio.

      geez, i would be happy with kodaks estimates of 2600 mio.

    • Canada- as a bond holder I would much prefer a 10 billion bid that puts my bonds at Par by tues. IMHO

      This is what I have been afraid of all along and the reason the I traded over to debt

    • This is not a Kodak moment......
      I am semi long, but news like this, if true, is going to cause some pull back.
      up + 100% in less then two weeks.
      Pigs get slaughtered............

    • sorry liv..... it is a joke. This are "crap" numbers in the Crap(dice) Table. ussually a 2(1+1) or a 3(1+2) or 12(6+6) most everybody in the table lose except the "No pass" bettors, akin maybe to the shorters around here.

      We will stick it out and win on this my friend.

    • Yes dolp..... Welcome to the Biggest Casino in the World. This Stock Market.

      I am so much a knuckle head that I still refuse to learn how to add 1+1, 1+2 and 6+6

    • And none of the bidders have eyeballs above the Planet Earth lens patents.

      How sweet and profitable those are...

      Unless, the Military Shanghai's them under some bogus "National Security" line item.

      Complete and Utter BS.

      The National Weather Service has to have lenses pointed toward the planet.

      To keep those weather Babes, and Jim C. "on location", and giving you the blow by blow, so to speak.

      Film, Photo Processing, and Memories...Nah. Kodak is so much more, and so much ahead of the curve.

      If I could bid on the patents, I would have. Funny how "worthless" stuff isn't open to general public auction.

    • "... I think its safe to say that analysts have no CLUE how to evaluate an IP portfolio yet. ..."

      Agreed. Even for these companies it will be very difficult to put a price tag on these patents. If Kodak has a few patents that could cause lots of damage (like the ex-'218) that would be a tangible value. I am not aware of those, but my awareness of Kodak's patent portfolio is restricted to the patent titles and half a dozen that I read ... that's not quite a representative sample ... As regards the patent portfolio as a whole, there are so many factors to consider, I better not start thinking about it ...

      Yet, healthy common sense does seem to suggest that these $3B++ price tags aren't quite right ... it's friggin' imaging stuff ... sorry ... otoh, these $600M certainly raised my eyebrows, given this line-up of high-profile companies ... but I am a fish, what do I know ...

      What we cannot dispute is WSJ's "reliability" (so far!) when it comes to these leaks prior to major events at Kodak.

      "... The more I think about it, the more I think tomorrows EOD will surprise a lot of people. ..."

      Good luck. Good thing a dolphin's opinion cannot influence the patent sale price, the PPS, or anything else at Kodak ...

    • Great advice. This article will
      bring more shorts into this and allow us to profit even more from there ignorance. WSJ couldn't of done anything better for the longs. We are going to profit from this debacle.

    • Dolphin,

      I think its safe to say that analysts have no CLUE how to evaluate an IP portfolio yet. Mostly because you cant put a price on strategic value. Its as much psychological as mathematical. They have proven it time and time again.

      Lets leave it at that. Whether it be for or against.

      Surely we will see waves of weak sellers giving up their position to others wanting to add. Plenty more buyers who will want 'in' before the auction.

      The more I think about it, the more I think tomorrows EOD will surprise a lot of people.

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