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  • truetrader01 truetrader01 Aug 7, 2012 9:13 PM Flag

    Google and company will win this war

    Google wants and needs these patents just as bad as apple and microsoft. With google and partners winning kodak patents will get back apple for past deals..Apple can you out due google this time on crucial patents??

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    • i dought they can,jobs is dead and he vwas the balls of the co.

      • 1 Reply to gnr_112405
      • Job's balls have been preserved and gilded and are now on display at THE HALL OF HIGH TECH FAME,in Cupertino.
        Exhibit is rated PG-12 and no photographs are allowed.
        Which reminds me of another true story..really..for some reason Napoleon's pecker was removed and preserved, and some years ago came up for auction ,and was sold for a pittance,in my opinion. Had I known about the auction I would have bid,then taken it to flea markets and fairs and gay bars and charge a mere $1.00 a peek.Later I would take my venture public and call the company PEEK-A-PECKER...nice sound,eh? I think a new song,with that title, would make a sensation on AMERICAN IDLE.spelling intended.ROMNEY WILL LOVE ME FOR THIS!
        I kinda like old Rom,but he acts like a robot,and it is bad enough figuring where Obama was born...Now we have to figure on what PLANET old Rom was born.
        And the electorate,busy watching Am.Idle for so many years ,would ask,"What is a planet? A new junk food? Is it fattening,and does it affect the mind,like make me smarter? Oh sheet,I don't think I can handle THAT!
        Spelling has been changed ,in view of the unemployment picture in the USA.
        DO you think some of unemployed could migrate (swim,that is) to Mexico and cut grass?,stupid,not on the lawns....on the marijuana farms!!
        Jeez,must i explain everything?....No, only to posters!
        (DISCLOSURE:I am having trouble sleeping,and just finished my 3rd.BUD,and am ready for another).
        GLTA...where else could i find a better class of nerds to poke fun at?

    • Im with you truetrader!

      Apple and msn got the Nortel treasure trove, but this time, they cant afford to lose it!

      Apple has shown the whole world that these patents are their Achilles heal and can take them down- hard!

      They showed the world just how scared they are of these patents by trying to steal them, trying to hold up the sale, trying to discredit them, then at the same time saying they own them!

      We are part of history!