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  • gormdd540 gormdd540 Aug 24, 2012 6:21 PM Flag

    D & C 180-degree turn from just a few weeks ago

    "Kodak’s fortunes for much of its history revolved around camera film, with the company in 1885 rolling out Eastman American Film, the first transparent film negative."
    Sloppy reporting by The Democrat &Chronicle,newspaper in Rochester.
    George Eastman invented flexible film,an invention that had many others trying to do.Eastman Kodak was born!
    The word 'Kodak' has no meaning,Eastman
    just liked the sound of it.
    D&C paper,Owned by Frank Gannett,the company became Gannett Corp.publisher of Today newspaper,and holder of radio and tv properties.
    Gannet was a poor boy who became a millionaire.I caddied for him once,at Rochester Country Club. He was so tight and unfriendly,that many caddies refused to be his caddy.
    Here is an interesting true story.Gannett called the caddyshack,asking that his golf bag be brought to the clubhouse and be put in the trunk of his Cadillac'.
    A caddy went over with the bag, put it in the trunk,wherupon Gannett reached into his pocket as if to tip the caddy--he came up with a 5-cent package of Wrigley Gum,and handed the caddy a 1-cent stick of gum. The caddy threw it in Gannetts face,and was banned from caddying there.If anyone knows a better tightwad story,please post it.