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  • sports_jjunkie sports_jjunkie Nov 16, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    Calendar for Judge Allan L. Gropper Thursday, November 29, 2012

    09:00 AM

    12-10202-alg Eastman Kodak Company Ch. 11

    Motion to Authorize the Debtors to (A) Enter into Financing Commitment Documents for Secured Supplemental Postpetition and Exit Financing. (B) Incur and Pay Associated Fees, Costs and Expenses and (C) Furnish Related Indemnities


    I believe that this is one of the most important days for EK to survive BK. It not only gets them financing but provides a way for a new and more leaner company.

    We may also find out how much the patents are worth. Since EK is rushing this motion, they seem confident that they can get this measure through.

    roger says there is an agreement between the major players to under perform on the bidding of patents by colluding on the bidding but the last I read, Samsung and AAPL are going tooth & nail at each other. Samsung is paying EK, so they have a large stake on the outcome. They are others players & countries that are interested in these patents and if EK can maximize its value, this may be a way out for EK.

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    • more leaner company is progressing well

    • Judge Gropper signed the motion which had a Court Date of November 29, 2012 and changed the Date to Monday December 3, 2012. This now appears on the Calendar. Also on the Calendar for Friday December 7, 2012 is CVS Pharmacy Replacement Agreement.

      We may now get to know how much the DI patents was sold for. With the fight AAPL has with Samsung on the smartphone, its will be interesting to see who will get the patents.

      Maybe PRO was right in his valuation of EK. It may be just a few weeks away that we find out.

      The Calendar form Judge Allen L. Gropper:

      Monday December 3, 2012

      10:00 AM

      12-10202-alg Eastman Kodak Company Ch. 11

      Hearing RE: motion authorizing the Debtors to enter into financing commitment documents for secured supplemental postpetition and exit financing, incur and pay associated fees, costs, and expenses and furnish related indemnities.

      Friday December 7, 2012

      10:00 AM

      12-10202-alg Eastman Kodak Company Ch. 11

      motion by Debtors approving settlement between the Debtors and CVS Parmacy, Inc. and authorizing the Debtors into replacement agreements.

    • HAPPY THANKSGIVING for ALL Investors in EK.

      Judge Gropper was not leaving his Court to enjoy the festive Holidays but working to solve the issues of EK to exit BK.

      Judge Gropper signed an ORDER SHORTENING NOTICE AND ENTER INTO FINANCING COMMITMENT. Judge Gropper scheduled a Court Date of December 3, 2012.


      These documents all are sealed.

      The documents were all signed by Judge Gropper on Wednesday November 21, 2012.

      PRO maybe right on his call on EK.

    • kidkodak Nov 19, 2012 8:56 PM Flag

      MOST IMPORTANT DAYS FOR KODAK to survive BK? If you are talking about the CURRENT stock, that has NO future you #$%$......

    • Important day this month Calendar for Judge Allan L. Gropper Thursday, November 29, 2012

    • Looks like there is some backstage negotiations goings on. This motion that posted by the Counsel of the Debtors has now been taken down. No word or notification why.

      The second-lien holders made major objections to this motion and even offered their own financing package. The original DIP loan facilitator, Citigroup also offered to make the second DIP loan to EK but EK went with Blackstone & JPM.

      It may seem like a quiet Thanksgiving week but behind the scenes serious negotiations may taking place. kid mention that the European Legacy Retirees debt maybe coming to a conclusion which makes everything now on the table.

      I don't think anything has agreed to because EK must state publically if a major deal was signed.