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  • blackj118 blackj118 Nov 29, 2012 9:20 AM Flag

    I must be dreaming as I see shares going over $5 in next year.

    Here come the nasty comments from the ones that either want to see the company fail, are short, or are accumulating the stock.
    Just look at the facts over the last few months my friend
    . Someone willing to provides almost a $billion dollars of financing IF.
    Kodak knowhow in every smartphone.
    Don't you think their patents are worth alot more than $500M I do.
    Take a look at the management filings that show potential earnings near $0.10 cents per share in 3 years after coming out of this mess early next year.

    I ask what if they get over a Billion or MORE for the patents. Good luck

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • roger

      From where PRO sits, he has a much broader prospective and knowledge of where EK should be trading.

      He didn't blink on the darkest days of EK and there were many such days.

      If EK comes out of BK, I think the Longs that held during this time will give him credit for stating his position.

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      • tripods Nov 29, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

        The real issue is one still has A Perez at the controls of a Kodak plane; and he should have been fired for cause 5 years ago.

        The clueless super longs still worship this rotten worthless CEO as some of sort of guru or God, while he has ruined Kodak.

        About all his predictions have been wrong but his followers have no balls to fire him. Thus you stick to a chap that has sucked the life out of Kodak and ridden the stock down by 130 times and placed the company in Bankruptcy.

        From a rational "Buffet type" investing scheme, Kodak should be avoided at all costs. It has a rotten management that does not care about the stockholders investment at all. It has a management that has invested great cash flow from the film unit into dumb #$%$ projects with negative returns.

        Super long Kodak followers are basically insane if they think that Kodak management has a good track record.

        Kodak is basically a risky gamble. One still has the ignorant Kodak management that still needs 100 million per month more than they make.

        Kodak stock under Perez is like a jet that has gone from 25,000 ft down to 200 feet and you still have the drunk pilot at the controls.

        You "hope" the jet will not crash and the pilot still "needs" extra "lift" but folks are tired of the pilots lack of understanding.

        The entire Kodak corporate dialog by Perez is that a turnaround is just around the corner. This was said years ago when the stock was 50 times higher.

        The turnaround is now based on whether the patents will fetch 500 million. The Wall Street Journal said in August that offers were in the 150 to 300 range.

        In the summer of 2011 the patents were suppose to fetch 3 to 5 Billion.

        last fall the patents were suppose to be sold to AVOID bankruptcy.

        Kodak has consistantly made wrong projections.

        Rationally there is no or zero real known reason that Kodak will "magically" now start to make correct projections. Like a liar; Kodak has a long track record of fibs and rotten management that the BOD worships and has no balls to fire for cause.

        Kodak management is what is wrong with the USA; rotten high mucky mucks who the shareholders and BOD do not have the raw balls to fire for cause.

        Kodak has had decades to address its turnaround issues.

      • "From where PRO sits, he has a much broader prospective and knowledge of where EK should be trading."
        Than who, based on what? His track record? From where pro4_upyours sits his perspective is limited by the size of the window in his belly

        "He didn't blink on the darkest days of EK and there were many such days."
        These are the final days of EKDKQ and pro4_skipper has left the building.

    • I have been saying this all along. Yes the stock will survive, unless the mgmt. Decides to steal the money from the investors, which is possible but not well advised.

    • I get slammed when I say "PRO" may have been right on his CALL.

      $10 maybe $20