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  • sports_jjunkie sports_jjunkie Dec 31, 2012 8:47 AM Flag

    Calendar Judge Allan L. Gropper Friday January 11, 2013

    Motion by Debtors to obtain secured supplemental postpetition financing is BIG because it brings in new monies to EK. It also permits others interested parties to come in and increase the financing.

    The settlement with Fujifilm is good for them and if they are one of the bidders for the CVS RSS units this will the one to watch for. But the challenger may come form the party seeking A & M advice to seek these assets.

    Selling the EBP utility for $10M brings in more Cash and settles the long term needs of EBP.

    Since the POR is just months away, lets see if we can convince Judge Gropper that the docs should Not be Blocked. Everything should be out in the open for all stakeholders to make their choices.

    The Trustee should not be the one to make the blocking decisions but now its the stakeholders should have more say of whats to take place.

    10:00 AM

    12-10202alg Eastman Kodak Company Ch. 11
    Hearing RE: motion to seal.

    Motion by Debtors authorizing the private sale of utility operations at Eastman Business Part to
    Red-Rochester, LLC, the assumption and assignment or assignment, as applicable, of certain
    contracts and entry into a utility services agreement and certain ancillary agreements.

    Debtors's supplemental motion authorizing the sale of patent assets free and clear of claims and
    interests, the license of patents, the assumption of patent cross license agreements with Fujifilm and
    the settlement of claims related to certain patents.

    Motion by Debtors authorizing the Debtors to obtain secured supplemental postpetion financing and
    partially repay and amend the existing DIP facility and granting adequate protection to prepetition secured parties.

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