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  • superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Jan 7, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Eastman Kodak and JK --WHO?

    Ah the deals are getting bigger. I hear EK is working out something with the "paperboy"!

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    • hahahaha, loved the paper boy!

    • Isn't that like slapping a Mercedes logo on a Kia? I mean is there anything EK in the JK camera but the logo? (Kodak will sell their mother these days for a quarter. how sad.)

    • Honestly, who would buy a product with the Kodak name on it? Kodak burned more than a billion on consumer printers which barely lasted in the market for 2 years before they pulled the plug and stopped supporting the devices. Perez is truly the worst CEO on Wall Street over the last 7 years.

      A 12th grader could have done better.

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      • tripods Jan 9, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

        The loyal Kodak film users on Photo dot net attacked me when I mentioned last August that the film unit was going to be sold. One ring leader their even went to great lengths stating I was flatly wrong. He quoted comment from a Kodak VP that were from early August; BEFORE Kodak said the film unit ws to be sold off.

        Thus there are great Kodak believers on other forums too who think Kodak's fate really is MINOR. ie actual end users who are in denial that Kodak has problems. These super hard core users actually believe a white knight will buy Kodaks film unit and they will keep ALL film products and actually create many more film types.

        One photo dot net thread in late August a super Kodak pumper there actually said my statements/web links are false; that Kodak is deep trouble. ie Kodak will survive and the film unit will not be sold or cobbled up in bits; that the bankruptcy is just a minor short term hickup.

        The moderator there on Photo dot net actually locked the threads and culled out many of non believers links and comments to keep a super pro Kodak stance.

        The super pro Kodak folks on photo dot net are typically super Liberals, pro tax the rich, anti gun, pro Obama, believe in global warming. These folks are often confused why an oddball digital camera with a giant sensor has a high price. No amount of explaining that massive tooling costs have to be spread across small production volumes matters. Their artsy liberal brains are not wired to understand finance; it is all "feelings" thus they whine when Kodak drops slow selling films. One can explain that making oddball film has a huge capital expense and they are clueless and ask the question a zillion times. Thus many of the hard core Kodak film users are stupid as to finance matters and think that some Joe can make Kodakchrome or PanatomicX in their house for a few bucks.

        On the photo board APUG they are more film based and are more concerned with Kodaks fate. Posters their are more finance savvy and more critical of Perez too. ie they worship AP's rear end less.

        Over on photo dot net film end users believe that Kodak's film unit will still make films for eons but the cry when each product gets dropped. They they ask the same questions why they cannot make small batches of super oddball film products. Any comments that one has a giant settup cost gets one attacked since the liberal artsy photo brain is hard wired to ignore costs. The funny thing is many of these folks are just amateurs and ponder why folks do not buy their fine fart photos.

      • tripods Jan 8, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

        the Kodak brand name has a worth even if the company is gone with zero production, zero employees.

        Old farts will buy a Kodak camera, or Kodak hearing aid batteries or Kodak sunglasses or Kodak whatever over a off the wall brand name. It really doesnt matter if both are made in China; the Kodak name makes the gizmo worth more to old farts.