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  • diamondrockvegas diamondrockvegas Jan 14, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

    Suzuki bankruptcy of chapter 11 needs complete discussion.

    Suzuki USA declared chapter 11 in the USA. Do any of you think seriously for a moment creditors can chase the rest of Suzuki worldwide? No. Kodak USA declared chapter 11 only in the USA. The assets abroad just like the assets for an internatioanal company like Suzuki have the same protocol. Divergence from both companies are the same business models...and court dockets have been pointing to that new model creation for the international side. No debts or debts encumbered against the assets of Kodak USA can follow the international Assets of Kodak International. All the entities in each country belong to the nondebtors. There are two separate forms on the balance sheet. What will interest buyers want with Kodak after the Chapter 11 reorganization? Everything including the revamped Kodak USA. Ridding of all the legacies and the assets are still solid worldwide. The divisions of Kodak International are cash positive worldwide each month. The debt holders have no say in the USA. A massive remodelling of the new Kodak is taking place and will include common shareholders. Those assets offshore that are the life blood of the whole corporation separate of the USA Kodak makes for good negotiations against all creditors. Two areas separated by the division lines. Kodak USA creditors will not be made whole just like the Suzuki creditors. They can only lay claim to what ever assets were committed in the USA. The new Kodak international will be divided amongst current shareholders imo plus as a settlement to exit chapter 11 in the USA for creditors. They have no choice. The majority of assets are outside of the USA and the Kodak divisions are all separate of Kodak USA. Kodak is a very large conglomerate of divisions worldwide and the cash sitting on the foreign balance sheets is more than enough to carry common shareholders through the process. Old shares will be exhanged for new ones of International Kodak. Creditors and debtholders will either get paid whatever Gropper decides is worthy for them on the USA side. Conglomerates like Kodak are paying nails and teeth for all the professionals worldwide to view all the assets and the new models that will pertain to the New Kodak with less inclusive Kodak USA. Kodak USA will be a smaller and leaner division of the new Kodak International. The Suzuki USA chapter 11 is indebted to creditors for over 380 million dollars. They have no rights to Suzukli's international assets. Kodak's USA creditors have no rights to claim over the international assets with separate identities. Divisions and transfers of capital stock are occurring as we speak. A buyout can also come after the reorganization is completed when the creditors will be left with very little imo. Common shares own the divisions that are not encumbered by the commitments of debt worldwide. The two separate classes or divisions of the balance sheet are taking place on the last financial statement. Debters versus nondebtor results. Enjoy

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    • IMPORTANT: the cash sitting on the foreign balance sheets is more than enough to carry common shareholders through the process

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      • "... IMPORTANT: the cash sitting on the foreign balance sheets is more than enough to carry common shareholders through the process ..."

        IMPORTANT, TOO: There can't be much more than $800 Million of cash on foreign balance sheets. So, how many foreign entities are we dealing with? 25 or 30? Each of these entities needs some working cash.

    • Suzuki Motor Corp. did not file for bankruptcy! AMERICAN SUZUKI MOTOR CORP WHICH IS A SEPARATE COMPANY, is the one that filed for U.S. bankruptcy. America Suzuki is own by Suzuki Motor Corp but is a separate company. There is no Kodak International Co. only Eastman Kodak!

      American Suzuki Motor Corp., beset by low sales, cutthroat competition and unfavorable foreign exchange rates, said it will pull out of the U.S. auto market and file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

      The company, in a statement today, said it will continue its motorcycle and marine engine business units and will continue to honor customer warranties. American Suzuki's bankruptcy filing is expected to be available later tonight in California. Japanese parent company, Suzuki Motor Corp., is not filing for bankruptcy, the company said.

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      • wrong again....The foreign subs you better take a look at and all of the court documents that is revealing something quite different. I have already seen mechanics and model documents and all of it is available through court docs. Kodak International is being formed by all of the chartered accountants who are piecing this new algamation offshore nondebtors balance sheet. The debtors balance sheet versus the nondebtors. Why would they separate the two classes for us on the last financial statement? There are things going on that we do not know but the court documents are speaking the language of something larger.

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    • "... The assets abroad just like the assets for an internatioanal company like Suzuki have the same protocol. ..."

      Vegas, if I were an extreme PUMPer like you, I would not add the international picture to the math ...

      Of the $4.40 Billion in assets, $0.78 Billion are abroad ...
      Of the $7.63 Billion in liabilities, $2.29 Billion are abroad ...

      The picture ain't look better, rather much worse ...

      "... Kodak's USA creditors have no rights to claim over the international assets with separate identities. ...."

      And the same applies to the liabilities. Kodak may reduce some liabilities abroad by negotiation with the U.K. pension funds, but this won't plug the hole of the leaking life boat that AP assigned to the common shareholders.

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      • Of the $4.40 Billion in assets, $0.78 Billion are abroad ...
        Of the $7.63 Billion in liabilities, $2.29 Billion are abroad ...

        I learn something that surprised me. Kodak could fight the U.S. BK court over the overseas assets being used to settle with the debtors in the U.S. but if they choose to do that EK will NEVER be allowed to exit U.S. BK! In addition EK can face a lawsuit overseas for the debt they owe.

      • I am not a pumper. I do believe the chapter 11 filing did not include anything abroad in their statement of chapter 11. Kodak USA declared chapter 11 and in their filing those are the numbers declared and so far i have not found any representation of the assets abroad on those filings in the chapter 11. Improvements to the equations have changed greatly in a year that is, the asset to liability factor. There are other assets marked at 0 that are being evaluated worldwide. International subsidiaries and divisions are separate from the US filing. There are other assets worldwide that are paramount to common shareholders. Thank you for your input. It is duly marked. Research is of the essence. I am clearly confounded by the Transfer Share Agreements by Kodak & 3 companies( Transmetta, Modesto, & Flashpoint....more details to presented at a later time? Just curious your feelings of the details of the share agreement transfers! This mute point was brought about by Mr Abraham that i hear nobody answered over at the private board. In regarding the SEC filing for chapter 11 if you have a link regarding the foreign assets thank you. I will continue to do my due diligence

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      • Exactly... why do you think Kodak's USA creditors will take a massive haircut and the common shares which are lowest on the totem pole will survive? Not likely, the creditors will never stand for it. Kodak's minuscule 50m market cap will be one of the first things to get cancelled in favor of creditors.

    • ''On January 19, 2012, Eastman Kodak Company and its U.S. subsidiaries filed voluntary petitions for Chapter 11 business reorganization in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.''

      That mean all tman Kodak Company assets are in the hands of the court, including all shares of international assets.

      The the whole corporation Eastman Kodak Company including all shares of the international subsidiaries can be used to paid all creditor.

      Common shareholders, that means you and me are holding shares of Eastman Kodak Company.

      If there is not enough assets in Eastman Kodak Company (including all international assets) to pay creditor we will received nothing.


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      • wrong again....ITS THE KODAK USA that filed for chapter 11. The international divisions of Kodak and entities did not file and as in the Suzuki case filing chapter 11 in the USA....also means the assets are separate from the international division. 385 million dollars of creditors debt will not be made whole for Suzuki. The international assets of the Kodak the company are separate from the USA Kodak division. You are all being taken or somebody here smart enough knows hes picking up stock each day at these very low levels. Common shareholders own the rest of the cash rich assets worldwide. The debt holders and creditors just like Suzuki have no rights for assets outside of the USA. Go do your research. Look at Suzuki stock. Look at Suzuki claiming chapter 11 in the USA. It just shows you all have been rambling about Kodak USA long enough to know that creditors cannot be made whole ever in either company because Kodak International is separate from Kodak USA

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    • One more thing if it does not work out for common shareholders. Lawsuits will prevail in a very major way. There will be lawyers that should represent us today but Gropper and the BOD say they are looking already after our best interests. I do believe that common shareholders should work together and not against each other. The bashers are still in full force on the romper room thread here. I am fighting and accumulating stock here at these levels. Thank you for listening. If any of you would like to object to this chapter 11 of Kodak USA im here. Tell me how can Kodak USA creditors and bondholders committed assets against the the USA division be up against the international divisions. I will take Suzuki as the case example. The international Suzuki just declared chapter 11 in the USA. Do you think creditors of Suzuki in the USA will chase for payment in full worldwide. Two separate entities both different from each other. Creditors will not be made whole for Suzuki in the USA. Creditors of Suzuki USA can only get the assets of the USA. Now same applies to Kodak. The end. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this out. All of you stop saying all creditors have to be made whole. The USA division of Kodak is the only division that declared chapter 11. The rest of the world did not. There are many other examples of reorganization of corporations that include exit and common shares surviving. I am actually wondering right now if all if this happening for the benefit of a takeover of the newly reorganized International Kodak that will include the smaller and leaner division of Kodak USA! Food for fodder

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      • Hey Stockboard did you allow any of your other members who have provided you with good information or questions to your board back on? Goldenbronx who suggested chapter 7 would be the better route? and abraham who didnt get an answer of the stock flow transfers from Kodak? You have to administer your private group diligently and keep a good forum. Would you call goldenbronx and abraham bashers? I might go on your board and research how demeaning they were to all the private members. I am interested in viewing your private board. I have great respect for you Stockboard. You all said its intelligent discussion. Bashers are bashers here. Did both characters write bad stuff on Kodak. Did they bash? just curious private members. Did both characters act like it was romper room activity. Take care everyone. Many things to take care of today.
        PS Keeping a shareholder base loyal is very important stockboard. Its adament you set new rules for your private message board and relieve those characters that could benefit the outcome of the process. Stick together is all i have to say. Its a due process. Waiting for supply to come in.

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