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  • rochester00126 rochester00126 Feb 4, 2013 8:28 PM Flag

    EK net loss for Dec 2012 $272M?

    According to the Dec MOR EK reported a net loss of $272M for the month. See below. Did I miss something or is their loss really that big? If so the longs are in deep do-do!

    In re Eastman Kodak Company
    Form No.

    Case No. (Jointly Administered)

    Reporting Period:


    Federal Tax I.D. #

    Debtor Combined Statement of Operations (Unaudited)

    (Amounts in $000's)


    12/1/2012 - 12/31/2012


    Revenues $ 152,068
    Cost of sales 161,525
    Gross profit (9,457)
    Selling, general and administrative expenses 41,573
    Research and development costs 19,875
    Restructuring costs, rationalization and other (11,973)
    Other operating (income) expenses (33,450)
    Loss from continuing operations before interest
    expense, other income (charges), net, reorganization Items, net and
    income taxes (25,482)
    Interest expense 12,614
    Other income (charges), net 4,509
    Reorganization items, net 464,012
    Loss from continuing operations before income
    taxes (497,599)
    Provision (Benefit) for income taxes (225,621)
    Loss from continuing operations (271,978)
    Income (loss) from discontinued operations (404)
    Net loss $(272,382)

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    • by cswift71 . 10 minutes ago . Permalink
      "...and you spend countless days and hours here to remind us of this? Is it not time for you to move on then? I understand that you are a saint and all but if this is already over....why do you continue your rhetoric? I suppose you also have no financial interests?"

      He's got as much right as you to be here. If YOU don't like it YOU can leave. Too bad if you only want to hear a rosy picture. It ain't happening !!!!

    • Amazes me how much time you guys put in to this penny stock that 'you have no financial interests' in. Now if anybody on this board believes that bs...I have a bridge or two I would like to sell you.

      Have a great one Roch! Thanks again for trying to save all our money. You are a saint my friend.