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  • superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Feb 26, 2013 6:17 AM Flag

    Still Don't Get It !

    Eastman Kodak Company seems to be making good progress towards emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    The company, according to its Managing Director for India and South East Asia, Oscar Planas, will emerge from Chapter 11 before the close of the current calendar year.

    ANYTHING EK MGMT. tells you is nothing but false information which you longs MUST HEAR AND CLING TO and if it comes from Kodak it must be true. EK mgmt has been spinning the same #$%$ since $85 a share and some people still haven't figured it out. Every year, the next year EK will be profitable! Doing what? Its far past the point of no return for EK, stick a fork in it ! Chapter 7 this spring.

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    • Super, these EK LOSER LONGS all get it - they just don't want to openly admit it. They were wrong that the current EK commons could survive and thrive after BK! Sit back like me and just enjoy watching them go BROKE!
      What else can they say but call our FACTS wrong because they don't have any good news to post of their own.
      It is always next week, next month, next qtr ....yada yada yada. Sound familiar jughead - HAHAHA!!!
      My last EK prediction stands today as it has for the last many, many months - this PPS is going to ZERO before EK exits BK!

    • You sound concerned superassshoole - You are worried and I don't blame you, short #$%$ like you is going to lose soon loser ... read the signs on the wall - signs don't lie
      Kodak will emerge soon and shorts will burn