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  • proforkodak proforkodak Mar 2, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    NOTHING has been gained by all those sitting in UNsecured bonds up till now, versus those in shares.

    Selling the stock BEFORE the patent sale for 18 cents did NOT make sense to me to buy bonds at 14. It was
    worth waiting to KNOW the upside in the stock was gone.

    AFTER the FACT, there has been plenty of time to
    sell the stock and move into the bonds at the same price or better than last year, when GLUE for brains began talking his new book.

    But NOW, there is little chance of any hidden assets to push the current shares beyond 50 cents, in my opinion.

    BUT, there is a slight chance of some HIDDEN VALUE in the area of FUNCTIONAL PRINTING...


    Here is a slightly better( for current shareholders) PLAN for emergence, still using the same conservative valuations, but adjusting for additional value from a FUNCTIONAL print JV, which means LESS dilution.

    3D printing and FUNCTIONAL printing have the potential to allow high labor cost countries like the US, to manufacture more productively.

    IF Kodak can create a JV that catches the ATTENTION of high tech investors, they could put a LARGE valuation on it.

    IF, big IF, Intel or Samsung were the JV partner, that JV could garner a few hundred million valuation, on TOP of the cash that Kodak takes in for selling its IP to the JV.

    A $300 million value on a FUNCTIONAL print JV, could (big IF) mean that current shareholders would get a greater % of the NEWCO Kodak.

    IF Wall st became more upbeat about Kodak (after a new CEO is appointed) in conjunction with the FUNCTIONAL print excitement, the NEWCO could trade at a higher valuation.

    OF COURSE, the unsecured bonds would also be worth many FOLD higher than 13.

    BOTTOM LINE: While the unsecured bonds are still the FAR SUPERIOR risk/reward vehicle in the Kodak capital structure, that does NOT mean that there is no upside for the shares.

    The UNsecured bonds offer a MARGIN of SAFETY versus the shares.

    There is simply WAY too much RISK in the shares VERSUS the Unsecured bond

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    • I didnt need to wait for the patent sale to end. The bonds were signaling the game was over for common well before the auction took place, but you are too stupid to understand how markets work.........For a Pro you are really a just a novice! Who would listen to you now? You have proven you know NOTHING!