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  • stockboardguy stockboardguy Apr 17, 2013 7:27 PM Flag

    Butt Buddy Bond Boys Down 40%! LOL!!!!

    Most of the Butt Buddy Bond Boys are in at .15 cents or higher!


    Only down 40%!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Really, all of your stock buys were at one time for how much?

      Don't you have a couple of hundred thousand shares all purchased below 30 cents?
      I get SO excited watching you kids bounce around like jumping beans when the shares move 3 cents in a day. WOO HOO.

      The difference is when the DS is released the bonds will be worth something and the shares won't.

      Have you quit spouting that NOL garbage because you want it to be your own little secret ace-in-the-hole or because you realized that you hadn't a clue wherof you spoke?

      I was going to close with "See you at the finish line." but you'll be gone long before then.

      Hey, how about this; You get some real stock certificates and initial them on the back. Then when the shares are cancelled and reissued we can give a prize to the new owner of your old shares? Or maybe they'll get a reputation as the Cursed Certificates of The Cusano and you'll become infamous.

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      • Yea clown that is why the Bonds continue to underperform and go down.

        Let me leave you with this Albert Einstein:

        1) Patent sale- sealed.
        2) Camera deal- sealed.
        3) DI deal- SHB- will it go through?
        4) PI deal- nothing yet.
        5) UK deal- nothing yet.
        6)OPEB- 1.2 billion liability- reduced to 635 million, then sold for $70 Million. Whats the real cost to settle this?
        7) Other 16 Projects that have NOT been announced.
        8) Unipixel deal- no idea what the margins are on this deal, and how much market share they will have.
        9) Other deals that have NOT been announced.

        MARK THIS POST!!!

        This whole game is going to turn quickly and violently!

        Better yet, I will bookmark it, and bring it back to the top.

        You have no idea what my database have reveled to me!

        Its like a guilty pleasure watching you buffoons here.

        I feel so bad for doing it, but its soo much fun.