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  • raybungap10 raybungap10 Apr 22, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

    Kodak Valuation?

    Pro/Vic, I have a few quesitons with regards to how you are able to definitively value Kodak. What are the settlement agreements in the DI/KISS deal? (Consider Waxman statement that deal focused on solving litigation). What are the licensing terms of the remaining IP? (Consider MCAM article about Kodak keeping best IP for itself). What is the UK pension settlement? What is the final price for DI and PI? How much will Kodak make with UniPixel deal?

    There Could EASILY be over $1 billion in the above "deals" combined.

    You CAN'T anwer any of these and neither can anyone who has the ability to trade the securities... thus low valuations of the stock AND THE BONDS because nothing of real significance has been disclosed. Claims are technically not a security, and guess what- those are being gobbled up.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • The answers to ALL your questions will come in the DISCLOSURE statement by Kodak on April 30th

      1) The Kodak PROJECTIONS thus far would have to include any remaining IP licensing... But you would rather NOTdeal with reality... would you?

      2) I have a VERY OPTIMISTIC $300 million of CASH to be used to settle the UK pension liability. If you think Kodak can do much better.... you are badly misinformed.

      3) DI and PI estimates were reduced from $700 million of cash to $600 million... WRONG direction after 5 months of negotiations.... Again you are CLUELESS.

      4) As far as I know Kodak will make the same amount off the UniPixel deal as they did from their investment of $2 billion in the consumer printer area. Same BAD management ... But I guess somebody with your limited mental capacity would not understand????

      Claims have been trading around at what level?????

      Please enlighten sir ... post away...

      Kodak ALREADY WARNED you in the 10K : UNLIKELY to propose any distribution to the stock!!!!

    • kidkodak Apr 22, 2013 9:19 PM Flag

      brilliant statement ray, but does it make sense to pass up an 800% return for a hail mary(One that has already hit the dirt).
      Just taking a wild guess at all your potential valuation questions doesnt get you a payout that could reach the common level. So why not take the safe possible upside of 800%, rather than a prayer that cant possibly yield equal results???
      I'll tell you why, cause you are a dumb penny stock gambler who likes to dream. If you took a guess at all your missing valuations you couldnt possibly come up with a value that could include common. Unless of course you were a dreamer, than anything is possible in your OWN imagination.
      YOU are getting ZERO in the end. This I promise you... MORON