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  • fattbastird fattbastird Jul 3, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Takeover Confirmed

    It's old news. The Court announced that the Creditors would be getting stock in Kodak the moment they emerge from Bankruptcy. So since it's a fact that Kodak was taken over by the creditors, unless the Creditors sold their stock which they don't have yet, then all rumors of a Takeover are #$%$

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    • then all rumors of a Takeover are #$%$

      There are no rumors of a takeover where did you hear that ? Their is nothing of value to takeover unless EK goes into chapter 7 where the debt is excused the the remaining assets are just about given away. The current debt is TWICE that of the ASSETS, who would take over to paid more debt.

    • plan not approved, just a proposal. Not signed by judge. Can always file a motion tomorrow saying JPMorgan, Contrarian, Blackstone committed tortious interference and owe me 10 millions. Will get zip. Preferring calling Lazard and have x shares to commit to Samsung or HP or Apple and have 1,000 pages of doc against Blackstone. Also pulling any asset I have or have common dominion on from Blackstone. Their behavior here is reprehensible like Wilbur Ross with the destruction of Bethleem Steel, He could not turn it around, sold all abroad, dumped pension fund to taxpayers, got may be 100 millions for himself and has a bigger house in the Hamptons .
      Your statement is untrue and misleading

    • creative bashers with eye catching titles are highly paid, $11 an hour lol
      What a life... they can't even buy stocks... they just bash tickers lol

      Sentiment: Strong Buy