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  • metalz71 metalz71 Nov 6, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    new kodak with the same ole loser CEO

    how is this guy still at the helm?

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    • tripods Nov 6, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

      Teflon man. I mentioned on this board that he should be fired form cause back when the stock was 2.5 bucks a share. He is worshiped by many and many posters on this board even said he will be gone soon. Most folks are whusses. If the fry guy at McDonalds goofs up to many times he gets fired for cause. If a coach looses too much he gets fired. In corporate America many folks are like kings and queens in royality. It really doesn't matter what they do they still have a job. The nation has become a nation of whusses. The bulk of Kodak upper management should have been fired for cause 5 years ago. Instead companies go bankrupt and the same old chaps often have jobs. What; somebody on this board will jump in and defend the old guard or say it doesn't matter since Kodak is now a new company.