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  • forever_bull forever_bull Apr 21, 1999 6:51 PM Flag

    BEBE is clearly at a crossroad!

    IMHO We will know tommorrow if BEBE will turn the
    corner for the better, which will likly mean the start
    of an upward trend, or it will will continue to sink
    until new resistance is found. BEBE finished the day
    right above its 50 day EMA. If if breaks through out. On the positive, BEBE has bottomed out on
    the Schlastic chart favoring upward pressure on the
    price. It's a buying opportunity for all the day traders
    who make a living on chart activity. Here's praying
    for the latter!

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    • I live in California and BEBE is very HOT
      All the girls love it and it is really
      There are rarely markdowns and sales.

      Republic and BEBE are the two hottest stores

      As for the Stock, this is a great
      company. It is
      not way a 20s something stock. I value
      it at 35.

      Back in September 98, I bought it
      at 10 and sold too
      early, mistake. I watched it
      got to 50 and kicked
      myself in the BUTT. I said,
      if it falls back, I will
      grab as much as i can.
      When I saw low 20s. I was
      in heaven.

      shares long at 22. I hope to get more tomorrow,
      if it
      is under 27.

    • Met a woman wearing a Bebe T-shirt and asked her
      lots of questions. She's shopped at Bebe in five
      cities. Loves the stuff. Spent $5,000 at Bebe last year
      and isn't rich. Wow. Not a slim babe either. Though
      she wishes she were. Likes news shoes. Can't wait to
      try new styles coming out. Continues to think Bebe is
      #1. Reports stores always filled. Few sales items or
      discounts. Thinks summertime will be hot for Bebe with
      mini-skirt season. - I tell you we got a winner here. May
      buy more tomorrow though I've already got a ton.

    • My thoughts exactly...20's will be long gone in a matter of days so if one knows what's best..position yourself! And I'm sure COSS will try and shoot it down like he always does.

    • He can't say or not say who has what...I won a
      courtcase two years ago and that is where I get my
      capital...if COSS want's to take me on...try to down
      me....that's fine. Your only hurting have no
      life..that's clear to see..on top of that you just try to rip
      on everyone that makes a statement. You think you
      know everything...its people like you that that
      actually work at Taco Bell....Now if you want to take me
      on ....I'll let you do that along with some PM's
      ...bring it bitch.

    • That is how this stock behaves. Up fast and down
      Up and down moves usually last weeks. Shorts, you
      are fried if you don't cover ASAP. 20's will be
      history in a matter of days.
      I'm already loaded but
      will buy more if it stalls.

    • Take a look at the trading prices of BEBE over
      the last two quarters. You'll notice that the stock
      ran up just before the
      close of the
      quarter.......This stock has a very predicable trading
      pattern....The price is alittle more depreesed this quarter may
      be due to margin calls and sell outs......30 days
      from now BEBE will be in the 30's or 40's....Just hang
      in there longs

    • Just like my message said #678. Why is BEBE going down? Insiders are dumping the stock faster than you scavengers can stabilize the price.

    • It bounced VERY quickly right all the way back
      This is a clear winner company with a great near and
      longterm future. At $32 it's a great buy. No reason it
      can't do what Abercrombie did last year and keep
      climbing. Maybe there was some insider selling (I don't
      know) but I'm sure it will stop now. BEBE remains the
      #1 most popular young babe's clothing line and is
      expanding into every major mall in American and
      Get on it.

    • I will be cautious due to the market conditions
      BEBE is looking like a good buy!!! After last
      earnings,I remember
      BEBE tanking to 29 after market
      corrected...i bought but
      only a miniscule amount & sold way
      too soon...i guess i
      should wait after Feds meet
      next week..i dont think they will raise interest

    • What is your price target to cover?

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