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  • stkstreet stkstreet Aug 20, 1999 1:16 PM Flag

    BEBE Singapore deal

    This is more great news! They have signed a deal
    with a company that has extensive experience in
    launching other brands throughout Asia. The potential in
    this deal is quite large.(IMHO)...Singapore is a
    sophisticated market, and assuming they open stores in Hong
    Kong, and Malasia as well we should see some excellent
    growth. With asian economies seemingly beginning to
    recover, the timing might be very good!

    GO BEBE!!!

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    • expectations on everything is kept extremely low
      thus the company should always beat expexctations
      because thats part of their plan; same store sales.
      earnings, revenues. this is good and bad, the bad is lots
      of institutional investors go by next years numbers
      and since they are low the institutional guy can't
      justify the current price because it looks like the
      company will not grow that much from this year to next
      when we know they'll beat expectations easily. the
      quartely upside thing really doesn't work anymore for this
      company. also the company is in a period of slowing growth
      relative to previous years, this is the point the shorts
      are most into= slowing growth is the killer of retail
      concepts. i would argue that the growth numbers we've seen
      the last couple of months are sustainable and the
      stock will move into the low thirties slowly. anyone
      who owns bebe should also own URBN, they have alot of
      similarities, high profit margins, little competition good
      concept for younger adults. do not expect any 'big' short
      squeeze, shorts on BEBE are good and will buy back slowly
      on weakness, shorts will not make out bug with BEBE
      (they don't understand it) but they will keep the
      prices cheap for awhile

    • I liked your post, Rohndjockefeller. My
      girlfriend has a black bebe tee shirt that is flattering on
      her too. Do you know how much she paid for it? $21.
      If BEBE can sell merchandise for prices like that,
      it must be doing something right.

      mentioned you were interested in WTSLA. I'd wait until it
      settled before buying. I think BEBE is going to get
      caught in a down draught from here. The market is
      punishing fashion retailers right now. But it will be a buy
      in the $17 to $19 range. Interest should pick up
      come November and the Yule-tide shopping season.

    • My girlfriend loves thhis store and with their growth and relatively low PE ratio i think it is a good buy

    • ecarlson98_says_to_sell_ptvl_now ecarlson98_says_to_sell_ptvl_now Sep 8, 1999 2:54 PM Flag


    • As of August 9th, 1.25 Million shares out of the
      2.4 Million (52%) floating shares were SHORT. On
      August 25th, BEBE was trading around $25. Don't jump
      into this stock yet. I think it will go down

      P.S. I am not long or short on BEBE, but would be
      comfortable buying it in the $20 - $22 range, if there's no
      bad news between now and then.

    • Good performance bu bebe again in beating expectation. We should start seeing more and more the benefits of the licensing as time goes by for another mechansim for growth.

      Enjoy Longs!

    • Hambrect & Quist had expected 9-10% and Bear Stearns had expected 4-5%. So BEBE came in above their expectations.

    • 11.8% per the announcement. I wonder how the
      stock will fare today, but its my guess that it was
      already priced into the market.

      They had a tough
      comparison vs. 98 and 97 #'s. Expectations are high

      Hopefully $30 a share is not to far away.

    • look at last year, when bebe didn't have a p/e yet, the company doubled with ease in the fall, this year should be an easy triple bagger, should be nice for us longs


    • Bebe's fashions are primo. My girlfiend, who has
      an audacious set of knockers, wears a bebe T-shirt
      that drives me wild. You can see the outline of her
      bra through the front of it and it allows just the
      right jiggle -- neither firm nor bouncy. I think I like
      it better on her than off her, and I've never said
      that about an article of clothing before! The jealous
      side of me doesn't even like her to wear it outside
      the apartment. It doesn't just flatter her shape, it
      enhances it. How'd they do that? I guess that's fashion.
      With "bebe" stenciled in black across the front, she
      is the best billboard (though there's nothing flat
      about her) that BEBE could have.

      I'm looking
      closely at buying this stock. I'm inclined to purchase
      WTSLA because I think it's bottomed, but the fashion
      quality of BEBE is almost irresistible.

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