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  • spunkiejones spunkiejones Oct 6, 1999 2:31 AM Flag

    load up on bebe NOW

    they released an press release invitation to
    listen to the sss conference call on thursday. if that
    isn't a bullish tip from the horse's mouth, i don't
    know what is.

    can you spell 20% sss increase?

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    • Earnings report will be issued before the market opens tomorrow.

      Good luck to all longs.

    • earnings report tomorrow? Thanks.

    • I think you need a course in Accounting
      probably passed 101 and 201. BEBE is one of the fastest
      growing retailer around the world...Including the middle
      east. You saw the sales numbers? they look

      If it should go to $15, I recommend for you to


    • Yeah!

    • i never said anything about the upcoming earnings
      - i aboslutely do NOT expect a negative earnings
      surprise, i DO expect a positive surprise, or at least
      meeting expectations.

      my comment was to say that
      just because there is a company policy against
      employees trading during specified time frames (windows)
      does not mean there is not insider trading going

      furthermore, the type of inside information that employees and
      non-employees might be trading on might not become public for
      months, not days. just for example, maybe a huge
      conglomerate with money to burn is contemplating introducing a
      business model to compete with bebe. or it may be that
      they know that supplier costs will jump next year for
      reasons unknown to the public at this time. or it could
      be that evidence is beginning to show that an
      inventory writeoff might be necessary down the road, say
      6-9 months from now.

      i don't necessarily think
      necessarily that any of this is happening, but i was replying
      to a post that said just because company policy does
      not permit employee trades during this time there
      "can't" be any insider trading. my post was to state my
      opinion that that statement is false and insider trading
      could very well be going on. i don't know and if it is,
      we wouldn't know.

      thanx for your feedback - i
      think we're on the same page on earnings.

    • on Wednesday October 20, 1999. No rumors to substantiate selling. It is a result of panic, retail, and insider information being circulated illegally imo.

    • I will not say that it is an impossibility that
      insider information has been leaked, but....I am in
      complete dissagreement with you on this issue, and believe
      that when earnings are released next week that it will
      become clear that this is NOT the cause for the slumping
      stock price.

    • Doe anyone know when Bebe is announcing earnings?

    • "Whatever is going on you can be sure that it
      isn't insider trading. In general, employees can't
      trade this close to an earnings release

      "can't" is the wrong word, it would be more accurate to
      say "aren't supposed to."

      these rules are
      broken whenever an employee or their
      friends/family/barber/therapist/etc. calls a broker to place an order. there is no
      enforcement. the SEC does not enforce company policies, and
      companies have no legal means to do it themselves. the SEC
      has so few resources that they almost never pursue
      anything except high-profile violators (i.e., millions of
      dollars or a celebrity).

      it is common knowledge
      that analysts and others are informed of news releases
      and significant operating trends before they hit the

      furthermore, an insider is defined as ANYONE (not just
      employees) who possesses non-public information, e.g., a
      tipped-off analyst, a vendor, consultant, lawyer, or any
      other informed non-employee. and none of these people
      are prevented from trading, unless they are trading
      based on non-public information - very very hard to

      in fact, insider trading occurs on a daily basis for
      most every public company. insider trading is broadly
      defined - just because insider trading is occurring
      doesn't make it necessarily illegal or wrong, only when
      the insider is trading on inside KNOWLEDGE, which may
      very well be the case here (see SKX and ANF for recent

      however, i am still long and think bebe is very oversold,
      based on store visits, press releases, instincts and
      market experience.

    • All weak hands should be rung out on
      on this volume. Looking forward to a
      nice rebound.

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